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Titanium Dioxide Free And Zinc Oxide Free Mineral Makeup?

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Hi guys,

Just curious if you have any suggestions for mineral makeup formulated without zinc/titanium oxide..one of those if not both are definitely clogging my pores. As soon as I stop wearing the mineral powder with both of those present..the clogging stops. Any suggestions?!


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Most mineral makeup, if not all, relies on zinc and titanium oxides... you might be better off using a regular foundation, or try to find one that only uses one of those to see if it is the zinc oxide or the titanium oxide giving you trouble.

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What are the other ingredients in the mineral makeup? Not all mineral makeup is good for the skin and a lot of it is going to be worse than not wearing any.

I have tried many brands including B.E., Raesin Images, Pur, Jane Iredale, Maybeline, Almay, Sheer Cover, Everyday Minerals, and so many others I would be listing them for at least 30 minutes. I had skin irritation or other problems with all of them except for two. Two makeup lines out of at least 30.

Raesin Images is one I used for years without it clogging my pores or irritating my skin. I switched to it from B.E. because the bismuth made my skin itchy. I tried many before finding R.I. When that company vanished I learned about Everyday Minerals and was impressed to learn the products are by far the most skin friendly. There are 3 to 4 ingredients in the mineral products I use from the line. My complexion looks better when I wear it, and it isn't irritating or clogging to my skin.

If you have skin which doesn't like to be suffocated it might be another ingredient which is causing the problem. I suggest trying the sample items from Everyday Minerals to see if they are okay for your skin. You can also check for other lines which have only a few ingredients in their makeup and try them out as well. I was shocked when I realized my skin wasn't being clogged from both of the lines I have continued to buy from.

I am using a new sunscreen on my face which has removed a lot of the skin irritating ingredients found in many brands and even that hasn't clogged my pores. My pores are known for clogging with almost anything and everything, so using a zinc oxide sunscreen without a problem is exciting for me. It is called Day Job from Vbeaute and it is the only sunscreen product which has not clogged my face. It is 20% Zinc Oxide SPF 30. It does not contain Titanium Dioxide or any chemical sun filters.

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