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I Can't Get Over The Bullying I Endured In High School Because Of Acne

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It's been 2 years since I've been out of HS and my face is a lot better now. But I've been getting bad memories of kids from it when I was in it. Everyday I went there I had to deal with boys saying the rudest shit about my face especially in the locker room and in some of my classes and when I would be walking in the halls I would hear girls whispering ew and saying something like 'really bad acne' which I knew was a reference to me. One of the boys that bullied me a lot, his mom has cancer and I almost told him I hope she dies from it. I was forced to be a loner with social anxiety all through HS fucking sucks.

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Is your face completely clear? If so, how did it clear?

And, yeah. That sucks that you went through that. Some areas have some messed up people. I have some awful memories, too. They aren't from bullying though. What helps me is to move forward and focus on things that make me happy. If you think about it all the time, it will get to you. It's over now, Don't let it take up anymore of your time. Take your struggle and get stronger from it.

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School was the worst experience in my entire life and I too have a lot of built up resentment and anger. It got so bad at one point I found a lot of the bullies on facebook and messaged them if they had regrets about the way they were at school. All but one never replied and blocked me, which to me implied they were ashamed and wanted to pretend nothing happened. Some of them have kids now which scares me because a lot of them (the girls) were physically abusive. I have extreme social anxiety and get panic attacks in large crowds or even just walking through town.

The one who did reply apologised and for me that helped provide a little bit of closure. I'm not saying you should stalk these people or anything lol but maybe if you get the chance ask them why. You are a better person than they will ever be and the fact you've managed to survive this far proves that. Try not to let it eat away at you too much because its not healthy, I know! Hang in there!

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