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What does this mean?

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When I emailed the office that I may consider going to for laser treatments, I asked if they had the V-Beam laser. They replied with...

"We use vascular lasers to remove the redness of scars."

I feel dumb for asking this but what exactly do they mean by that and did they even answer my question? confused.gif

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hehe..yeah I figured. I was just wondering if maybe they were indicating a type of laser. So basically they didn't answer my question and probably don't have V-Beam. Oh well. Hopefully it won't matter too much.

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Yeah I know they have stupid pricing for something that isn't guaranteed to do an amazing job or anything. But I have to try something. confused.gif

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If you specifically want the v-beam laser and they don't have it, I suggest you go somewhere else. They will give you a song a dance about any lasers they have in order to make a sale.

I went to a doctor who tried to get me to try one of his lasers. It was the only one he had, so of course he hyped it up.

If you are unsure, I would call again and get a specific answer. Tell them you don't want to waste your time with a consultation if they do have the laser you are looking for.

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Smoothneam won't get rid of redness. Only specific lasers tackle that problem. PDL and photofacial target redness. There are probably a few more that I don't know, but I don't *think* SB is one of them.

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