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Is This Rosacea?

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So as you can see, I don't have severe acne. But this does get me down and I always see people starring. I had bad acne on my chin and forehead in my teens but never on my cheeks so I'm not sure why my cheeks are so affected. My skin was almost perfect between about 14-17 then the winter of when I was 17 my skin suddenly became like this and I'm really not sure why. (I'm 23 in 2 weeks). It's only ever like this in winter or colder months- it's not perfect in the summer but a LOT better but I can never really enjoy it because I know that as soon as it gets colder, my skin will start to look like this again.

It's just like huge pores but they're fill with dry skin (I think) rather than puss. When I squeeze them nothing comes out it's just bits of makeup always sit in them like you can see here. I use my clarisonic mia2 1-2 times a day and exfoliate a few times a week. I also have a few really rich over night moisturisers which help a bit but it seems like nothing I do gets rid of the flakes inside the pores. Does anyone else have skin like this? I feel like I never see anyone who has skin similar to mine!! as I said I know it's not awful but it does bring me down and I am a different person in daylight compared to when I'm inside in dim lighting!!

Thank you in advance for any input :)





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I sent a reply to this but it doesn't seem to be here. You are too young to be using rich moisturisers - they're for ageing skins. Also, what make-up do you use?

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As soon as I saw your post I recognized my own skin. I believe it is Rosacea with the typical butterfly pattern that you have but yours does not detract from your attractiveness so I wouldn't be worried about daylight :). With my own skin which looks like yours; I am generally happy as long as the texture is smooth and not bumpy. Redness can be covered with make up (watch Lisa Eldridge Rosacea video on You tube)

As for skin care, if you can afford to see an aesthetician I would. The clarisonic may be too abrasives - perhaps a gentle bha may be more appropriate and a serum. Check out Paulas choice skin care. That's the only brand that improved the look of my pores and Rosacea. Good luck

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