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Accutane Failed Me!

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Hey guys!

My name is Lizzie, I'm 28 years old and have been suffering with cystic acne for the past 7 or 8 years which has really affected me, my life, my relationships and my work etc, I'm sure most of you know what that's like.

So I've tried everything (over the counter topicals, doctor/derm prescribed topicals, antibiotics, birth control including dianette and even accutane!). Nothing really worked except accutane which worked wonderfully for the whole 6 months I took it (didn't get a single spot that whole time) however, one month post accutane, the cysts are back!

Ok so a couple of years ago I was on a very strict diet for weight loss (not acne): no processed foods, no sugar, no simple carbs, no junk whatsoever, plenty of fruit and veg and plenty of water. I was on that diet for about 6 months and I saw a significant improvement in my skin, I had a healthy glow, no cystic acne at all however I did have these tiny spots on my forehead but honestly that's nothing compared to cysts so I was ok with it.

So now that my cysts are back post accutane (so far only had one, but still), I've decided to go back on a strict diet again to see if they stay at bay. I would love some advice, tips and maybe a list of foods that helps fight cystic acne? The internet is very confusing on that subject!

Here is a list of foods I've been eating the past few days and foods I'm planning to include in my diet, please let me know if one is potentially bad for skin!



Porridge (instant)

Salad/veg (except potato)

Fruit (especially apple and berries/grapes)

Lean meat (only chicken/turkey breast)

Fish (salmon fillets)

Tinned tuna

Nuts (almonds and Brazil nuts mainly)

Cows milk (only in tea and cereal, should I switch to alternative?)

As for my skin routine, I do wear makeup but only powder (no foundation as I'm scared of breakouts) and eye makeup. I take it off with micellar water and then apply a salicylic acid-based toner. That's it!

I also apply LaRoche Posay's effaclar duo gel on my "problem areas" (chin and around mouth) and it is very good. I keep my brushes and pillowcases clean and I never touch my face.

I walk at least an hour a day but can't do cardio as sweating also breaks me out (not in cysts but regular pimples)

Anything else I can do? Thank you!

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Some people get clear with bc spiro. Look into it. If you can't do cardio try yoga. Juicing and home made kefir shud help.But again everything else is like a band aid accept accutane.

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Sorry to hear about your story. Your improvement with diet previously, and the severity of your acne, make me wonder about primary Food Reactions. You might be someone who would benefit from food sensitivity testing to guide your diet choices?

I would also strongly consider some high dose Niacinamide (vitamin B3) just temporarily while you are getting going with the diet. If you want to read a bit more www.clearskinalternatives.com.

Good luck!

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