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Week 3 - No Changes

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I have been on the regimen for 3 weeks now and have noticed no changes to my acne, my skin has gotten a lot drier and i have some very dry patches in places, but in terms of acne - there has been no changes. Old acne is still lingering and new acne is still coming through.

I am following the regimen religiously and have not missed a day or any of the steps.

Has anyone else had any similar problems with it perhaps taking a while to work?

Im feeling a bit rubbish and down about this as this was my last chance to try something before reverting to my third course of accutane which i REALLY dont want to go on :-(

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Hey there... It does take time and patience before you see the regimen take full effect. Since you've only been on it for 3 weeks, you are still in the initial stages and may not see much going on as far as your face clearing is concerned. However, you shouldn't be discouraged from the lack of progress. Personally, it took close to five months for my skin to clear completely and I had many ups and downs during that time. My skin did not stop the "purging stage" until I was well into my 16th week of the regimen. Then one day, I stopped breaking out and my hyper-pigmentation began to fade slowly. Just remain vigilant, stay patient, be as gentle as possible, and have faith that the regimen will work for you... Good luck! :)

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Hey i was just wondering if after more time on the reg. your skin eventually cleared up. I am on 1 month and am also feeling like its not working :(

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