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How To Use Retinaa And Clindamycin?

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so im in the airforce and have mild acne around my jawline and chin. i really wanted to be put on oral antibiotics since i hear that is really all that works for horomonal acne, but they wanted to try this first. i wasnt really told how to use this other than dont use it with benzoyl peroxide products. ive done some research and know i have to wash my face with a gentle cleanser like cetaphil and let it dry for 20mins and apply retinaA. i dont know if im supposed to put the Clindamycin on over the retinaA or put it on in the morning, im really not sure what it even is.

so my questions are.

what is the best way to use RetinaA? nightly, every other day, or Am and Pm?

what is clindamycin and how do i use it with retina A?

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Hi, my daughter has been prescribed the same medications and she was given the following instructions:

- use the Clindamycin (hers is a cream - not sure if it comes in other forms?) in the morning after cleaning her face and use the retin a at night after cleaning her face.

- she has sensitive skin so she is starting out with just using the retin a every other night to see how it goes and then work up to using it every night if she doesn't have any irritation

Your doctor may have different instructions for you but hopefully this is helpful!

You are right to use a gentle cleanser and stay away from anything other harsh products while you are using these two. Get a gentle oil free moisturizer as your skin could get quite dry.

She has only been using them a few days so not sure how it all works.

Good luck!

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The Directions from Hope7 are the exact same ones given to me when I was on this combo.....it worked wonders for me, hope it does the same for you! Good luck :)

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