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Caveman (Tweaked A Little) Log

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Just a log for my Caveman regimen, I'm 20 and was on The Regimen for 6 months but it totally dries out my skin with just 1 pump of BP, I slowly creaked up to 2 pumps but after a while I couldn't move my face (LOL) so I stopped everything because it hurt. It did help a little, but yah, not for me. My acne isn't too bad (it was when I was 17) but it's annoying and persistent.

I workout, eat plenty of fruit and veg, avoid dairy and drink plenty.

Day 1: Eeek, skin slightly oily and tight, no new pimples.

Day 2: Skin super oily but less tight, I guess it's just a reaction from being dried out so dam much, no new pimples, my skin was flaky from the dry skin peeling off so I rinsed my face under the shower, patted it dry then massaged 4 drop of jojoba oil on my face. I haz no new pimples. I ate a lot of fried chicken, 2 slices of pizza and a mince pie so if I breakout soonish I won't be suprise, but fried chicken though.

Day 3: Skin is oily but no tight, no more dry skin, I got a small pimple on my upper lip, it honestly feels worse than it looks, it feels like I've just dipped my face in oil but really just looks like what I usually would in the evening. I've noticed white stuff that's being pushed out from my pores @[email protected] Not shaving is annoying because my puberty is pathetic as Young Apprentices teamwork and I looks weird.

Day 4: I "washed" my face with manuka honey this morning in the shower and used a few drops of rosehip oil after, my face didn't feel like it had just been cleaned with a cleanser so I guess that's good. No new breakouts, skin looking less oily. Not having a long routine feels soo good lol.

Day 5: Had to "wash" my face with manuka honey again then out rosehip oil after since my roommate left th heating cranked up to the max with made me oily (heating is quite drying) but after that for the entire day my skin looked fine, infancy it hasn't looked better >.> no breakouts even after that fried chicken day. I have a little dead skin peeling off but no big deal really, not noticeable.

Day 6: Sprayed filtered water on my face, patted it a little then let it dry, my face has bits of skin that feels like ground almond or something, I just brushed them off with my fingers. No new pimples skin is pretty much same. NOTE: starting to build a dead skin mask and it actually looks good LOL I think I might no have rubbed some off by accident so I'm going to make sure I don't, I guess that's what the "ground almond" was.

Day 7: Nothing changed, I sprayed water on my face in the morning, but about 6pm I had a pimple on my cheek on its way D:

Day 8: That pimple was pretty much gone today @[email protected] I used the honey+rosehip oil washy thing today

Day 9: No real change really, I can go a day without washing my face and look fine.

Day 10: No real change, I think the only thing happening now is my skin slowly adjusting, the first 3/4 days are the bad ones. My skin looks better than it ever has @[email protected]

Day 11: I ate 8 doughnuts, a portion of fried chicken and 2 portions of chips

Day 12: Little pimple came its kinda cute, no real change, washed my face with water after the gym.

Day 13: Tiny little pimples on my forehead and nose, not really noticeable, I washed my face with honey and used rosehip oil after. I haven't been eating as healthy recently :/

Day 14: No change really, my diet wasn't soo good today either but tomorrow it should be better.

Day 15: Diet good, I didn't wash my face at all, it get greasier in the evening and I still have quite a lot of little tiny pimples which don't look good up close lol.

Day 17: No real change, face is slightly itchy so I washed my face with honey and the rosehip oil with filtered water.

Day 18: Went to the gym at took a shower, those tiny little spots are still there and I want them gone -.-

Day 19: Tiny little pimples are slowly fading, I saw one of thelovevitamin videos and apparently this regimen takes 2 steps forward 1 step back, meaning that it will get better then you will break out but gradually getting better and better. I washed my fave with filtered water.

Day 20: I think I got a couple more smallish pimples on my cheek, other than that no real change.

Day 21: I sprayed sea salt to help the small pimple go, no real change otherwise.

Day 22: A few more tiny pimples appeared, not that I mind tbh, I feel better having little ones rather than red angry ones, I used sea salt and filtered water this morning as I was going to be on camera.

Day 23: Face looks better, not going to wash it today.

Day 24: A little improvement, didn't wash face at all. I look a little shiny.

Day 25: Washed face in shower after the gym, I then out a few drops of rosehip oil after. My face is getting better

Day 26: Not much changed, I used a bit of sea salt spray in the morning then rinsed it off.

Day 27: Did intense cardio so I sweat a lot, I washed my face with water in the shower after, my face doesn't seem to get dry from just water.

Day 28: My face looks a lot better, acne is fading a little and my completion is a lot better. Didn't wash my face at all.

Day 29: Didn't do anything to it today, not much shine or oil

Day 30: Washed my face with water under the shower after gym, not real change but slight improvement.

Day 31: Washed my face after gym, my face seems to be getting better.

Day 32: I used manuka honey and ground almonds to exfoliate my skin a little. No real change.

Day 33: Skin looks like it's improving a little everyday.

Day 34: Broke out a little near my eye area, not nearly as bad as the last breakout.

Day 35: Didn't let anything touch my face, no real change.

Dat 36: Didn't let anything touch my face, no real change.

Day 37: Washed my face after the gym with a cloth to get rid of the dead skin, my skin looked very good.

Day 38: Washed my face with a cloth again as I'm ill and felt the need for it :/

Day 39: Decided I'll go 14 days without letting anything touch my face (spoiler alert I failed), I've also started taking probiotics.

Day 40: No real change.

Day 41: So I can't really not let anything touch my face as i workout a lot and sweat a lot, so I'm going to stick with only using sea salt+ filtered water spray (As whenever I go on holiday and I swim in the sea often, my acne fades) and filtered water when possible (as sometimes I shower at the gym).

Day 42: So I used sea salt and left it on my face for 2 hours ish then washed with filtered water and let it dry, I forgot to say I've been going on a super strict diet on no processed foods and sugars, it working a ton.

Day 43: Bad hay fever, stayed in bed most of the day so I didn't wash.

Day 44: Got quite a big pimple on my cheek, poop, at least the rest of my face is looking better. My routine now is that I spray sea salt, leave it for 2min then spray filtered water and pat it dry, I'll try and skip a two or two after.

Day 45: Pimple head has shown.

Day 46: It's dried out pretty much. I ate a small bowl of soya ice cream with a banana and strawberries, hopefully I won't break out too badly if at all, I haven't had sugar in about 10 days.

Day 47: Didn't wash face, no change.

Day 48: Same here

Day 49: Used sea salt spray as I was visiting my parents.

Day 50: Had an interview so I used manuka and sea salt. No change.

Day 51: Did nothing, nothing happened.

Day 52: Got a little pimple on my upper lip, not too bad though, I did nothing to my face today.

Day 53: Did nothing, nothing noticable happened.

Day 54: Pimple on lower lip, did nothing to face.

Day 55: Head came out, did nothing but use rosehip oil at night.

Day 56: Did nothing again, looking better. I don't feel the need to wash my face at all.

Day 57: I did cardio and sweat a lot so I dabbed my face with kitchen cloth, no breakouts.

Day 58: Skin looking better, I actually have no pimples just a few red marks and shallow scars (they are very shallow), nothing to do with acne but I haven't actually washed my hair either, I used coconut oil today to condition it and it feels super soft now.

Day 59: Got a little pimple below lips, not very noticeable.

Day 60: Did nothing, nothing happened

Day 61: Same here

Day 62: Minor break out, like 2 small pimples, not very noticeable haha. Haven't let water touch face for 12 days now, might try and go for a least 28 days as I think it's possible now. Let's see how it goes (spoiler alert I failed again).

Day 63: Forums weren't working so I couldn't update, sorry. I washed my face with manuka honey as I had an interview the day acne. No breakouts.

Day 64: Did nothing and I was OK

Day 65: Broke out on my chin, it hurts but it's not noticable at all.

Day 66: No change, I've started taking zinc.

Day 67: Got a small pimple on upper lip, had a shower after the gym and rinsed face with water.

Day 68: Had a shower and washed face with water, no real change.

Day 69: Had another shower and washed face under water.No breakouts

Day 70: Didn't wash my face at all today, looks fine.

Day 71: Shower after gym, got a small pimple on lip, not too bad.

Day 72: Small pimple shrunk and washed face in gym with water.

Day 73: No change, used water.

Day 74: No change, didn't wash face

Day 75: No change, didn't wash face.

Day 76: No change, used water

Day 77: Small pimple on lower lip, seems to be were I'm most prone.

Day 78: Used water.

Day 79: I exfoliated to get rid of dead skin cells as when I shave they become noticable

Day 80: I seem to have these red marks that may just be really shallow scarring but they don't seem to want to go, it has been better though, the lower lip pimple almost gone.

Day 81: Got a pimple on upper lip because of stress I think, didn't wash face.

Day 82: Washed face with water.

Day 83: The head came out now it's shrinking, no change otherwise, used water.

Day 84: No change, used water.

Day 85: No change, used water.

Day 86: No change, used water.

Day 87: Didn't wash face, pimple fading.

Day 88: Same here.

Day 89: Same

Day 90: Same!

Will update daily!!

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First week complete, my face is less oily and I'm really surprised by the results, I'm breaking out less weirdly so maybe all these years there was a chemical or something in the face washes that made me breakout.

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Second week complete, face isn't as oily as the end of the first week and there's a lot less dead skin peeling off, I have a lot of tiny little pimples but they are barely noticeable. Also I take into consideration that my diet hasn't been as good as my first week, stress eating :@

I forgot to mention I will be doing this regimen for AT LEAST 90 days but I'd like to do 6 months like I did for the regimen, and hopefully forever :D

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3rd week complete! Definitely has gone a little downhill but hopefully it should get better, 2 steps forward 1 step back :3

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4th week complete! It's going uphill, small tiny spots are fading and I haven't had any big angry pimples since this regimen. I feel a lot less oily as well, it's looking good!

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Week 7 complete, haven't updated in a while as I've been busy, I was ill and broke out slightly on my upper lip from blowing my nose soo often, other than that it's improving the 2 step forward 1 step back way, I have to keep reminding myself of how bad I was before I stopped using chemicals and how long it took daily.

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Week 11 complete, not really much change, if anything it's gone a down tiny bit. I'm getting better results from this than the Acne'org regimen though.

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So it's been roughly 3 months since I've been doing this regimen, so I thought I'd just give a brief overview:

-First few days: Skin was very oily but I had no breakouts

What I wish I did: I think I should have just used water and Jojoba oil to make this stage less difficult, although if you're no going out in public for a few days I guess you could do this. I also wish I started taking zinc at this stage as it has helped me a lot.

-Week 2/3: Skin was normal but I had a lot of small breakouts

What I wish I did: Use sea salt water, let it dry then exfoliate a little to lessen the difficulty of this stage.

-Week 4+: Skin goes from good to bad, but overall getting better, I can go for days without washing my face and not look as oily as I use to.

What I wish I did: Wash face using water and Jojoba oil whilst face is still wet, then rinse and dry with w towel; this actually makes sure your skin isn't too dry or too oily, it's perfect. I also skip a day occasionally.

My skin is not perfect, but it's at least 80% better, I have a small pimple on my right cheek and some very shallow scarring which I might try derma rolling for.

I am also struggling with some dead skin, when I trim a lot of dead skin shows up, I think I might use an exfoliator once in a while.

I will not be doing daily updates as I have been but I will be posting anything interesting!

What I should be trying soon:


-Derma rolling


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Well I did a coffee+jojobo oil exfoliate and it felt really great, got rid of a lot of dead skin and it looks good.

Atm I just have red patches, very shallow acne scars and the occasional pimple on my upper/lower lip. I usually exfoliate once in a while after I shave, either with a toothbrush or coffee.

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So it's been exactly 5 months and 2 days, I will never go back to washing my face with soap.

Still not perfect but it's by far amazing compared to what I use to have to deal with! The spots I do get occasionally are rather small.

I have done 3 derma rollings in total, 2 0.5mm which was fine, and 1 1.0mm which wasn't soo fine, everything started ok but for some reason I still have red marks on the part of my face next to my nose and under the eye. Hopefully it will fade, looks like it is soo far, but it's been 3 weeks haha way too long for my liking, I'm sticking with 0.5mm :)

Will update if anything happens!

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Soooooo I've been vegan for about 3 weeks and I believe it was the last step for me being acne free. I don't get breakouts at all, just the occasional tiny pimple that dissipaters very quickly.

I have also been using E45 itch relief cram as I think the redness caused by the dermaroller was eczema and is now fading quite fast.

I would recommend that anyone tries a healthy version of a vegan diet for at least 3 weeks without faliing off track as I honestly have never felt or been better, make sure you load up on carbs though!

Will hopefully update soon.

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