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What To Do After Shaving (Using Dans Shaving Method)?

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Hi Everyone! I'm currently using an electric razor for shaving which has been ok, but still leaves me with slight acne and I'm interested in trying Dans method for shaving.

However, once finished shaving, should I proceed with the remaining steps in regimen by applying BP immediately after shaving and then moisturise? I'm worried that the BP might cause a burning sensation and could leave the beard area of my face looking bright red. Do most people continue with the regimen post-shave?


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i've tried to use his regimen after shaving and it made my face super oily. I usually use it a day after I shave because my face is very sensitive after I shave. Hope it helps

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It's preferred to shave after continually wetting your face in the shower: this prepares your skin. Don't wash your face at all in the shower. The shaving cream (cleanser) counts as cleansing. So don't apply cleanser as shaving cream, shave, and then apply cleanser to the same area again. That would be too irritating.

^This applies only to the beard area. After the cleanser has been removed, wash the top half of your face. Then rinse your entire face to ensure that all the cleanser has been removed.

Yes, you can do the regimen as you normally would after shaving. Since shaving is usually irritating, I like to apply alpha-hydroxy acid as moisturizer. This helps to prevent breakouts which are potentially due to shaving. It will burn, but that's OK. And you don't have to apply it at full strength; you can dilute it with another moisturizer. Just be sure to apply sunscreen during the day. AHA makes your skin more sensitive to the sun.

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Hi mclean,

About a month ago, I started using Freeman's "Acai Purifying Clay Mask" immediately after shaving, and I've been having great results from it so far. I leave the mask on for ten to fifteen minutes (a good rule of thumb is to wait until it dries and then wait an extra two or so minutes) and then I shower and just wash it off with water.

(Note that I shave about every three days, so I use the mask every time I shave. But you shouldn't try using this mask everyday if you shave daily!)

Hope this helps!

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