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Severe Facial Redness

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I am 18 years old and have had severe facial redness for almost two years now. I've suffered from acne since the age of 12 and through those 6+ years I absolutely killed my skin with different topical treatments such as astringents, aggressive face washing with acne pads, etc. I then went to a dermatologist about 2 years ago and they out me on antibiotics for about a year but that didn't work for my acne or redness. I am now on accutane (3rd month) and the acne is starting to go away but the redness is still worse then ever. The accutane causes dryness and i need to use a moisturizer. But the moisturizer (cerave mild) seems to make the redness worse.

My face is red when I run, sweat, go to gym, enter a warm room, socialize, at home at random times, etc. It's absolutely terrible and a confidence killer because even in pictures my face is beat red. It's mid winter and it looks like I have a terrible sunburn. I worry about it 24/7 and am in desperate need of a solution. Is there any topical remedies I can use to treat it? Thanks for ur help

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Hello there, i have red cheeks for almost, well in fact all my life, i know what u feel about it, but if u trying to erase that rednees in your face by creams, gels or any other laboratory stuff u gonna fail once and again, why?, because the redness is blood, blood that for some reason everyone can see it, so the only thing u can try with more than 50% of succes is the Laser, any other thing its a waste of time, look that im said (ERASE THE REDNESS OR DISAPPER IT COMPLETLY) , so u must understand that any cream, or gel or even any natural treatmen can evaporate like magic that blood, only the laser. After the treatment your cheeks will come more redness and its obviulsy because the laser hits u like litte whipp in your cheeks, but after your body absorb the blood, the redness in your face should gone.

Now, if u dont feel confortable doing the laser treatment, or even if u do it, u will need to up your self-esteem, ok, maybe u can ask, wtf the self esteem can help me, well its a very easy question because, if your self esteem is very high u can control at high levels the flushing and blushing, yeah im telling this because that worked for me a lot, my cheeks are still red, but not that red like fire, its very soft, almost like pink, doing exercise to get a good circulation of blood can help u a lot too.

How do i get that confident on my self? well, for example, i decide to go out to the malls, and walking around like normal ppl, oh did i said normal? wow yeah we dont feel like normal ppl, we feel like different, but who cares, i mean there are a lot of ppl around the world with very very impressives faces burned, almost with no face in them, and they continue their lifes, so if we are complete, this thing (red cheeks) are nothing for us, we need to try to get confidente day by day, i know some ppl maybe talk about us or mabye they re calling us with some nicknames, but im gonna tell u this for real, if your confident is very high will notice that, and they will notice all your virtues instead of any other thing inlcuiding the redness, its like that book the beast and the beauty, the beast always was very ugly, but his virutes was more impressives than his appearence, and the beauty gets in love with him for that, so if u are good for something, sports, mechanics, writing, i dunno just do it with all your heart, and u will see that redness will be more and more soft.

ok, if u wanna ask me about any product i used to use with me, i change few things in my personal daily life, like never take coffe, milk produts, or any other gluten derivate, for some reason milk products get worse the redness. Instead of taking coffe i take Green tea one in the morning one in the night for 1 month and take a brake for another month in intervals. Sometimes if i feel my face like so hot, i put on my cheesk aloe vera gel, its refeshing.

One more thing, try before u going to sleep some yoga exercesie, for some reason this exercises make u feel like in peace with yourself u now, i didtn belive that but when i tried it, it Works for me very much.

Ok good look and be confident with yourself day by day, dont worry about if u turn red or not, just do what u love to do day by day, and u will see the results,

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