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Acne.com Supplies In Greece?

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hello. I would like to try acne.com products but I don't like the possibility of the extra shipping cost, and cost js already a little high. has anyone ordered from Greece? Or is there any supplier? Thnk you

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Been lurking the forums but I signed up to reply to you because I've been there and I know how it can feel. I'm from Greece too and as sad as this is to say, you're going to have to foot the shipping bill. I looked all over for retailers in Europe and everything, but it's just not gonna happen. Worst luck is with italians, they actually have to use a middleman to ship it to them so it doesn't get stuck at customs. But we're fine in that aspect though. Best way to save money is to make an educated investment and buy the 16oz kit as it will last you longer and you won't have to pay for shipping for another couple of months.

All I can tell you is that this works. I've been using it for over a month now and I have definitely seen improvement. There was a point that lasted for a few days that I was actually completely clear. For some reason I keep having very small breakouts (a pimple here and there) which prevents me from being entirely clear but I'm working on to find out why this might be happening. The Regimen does a great job though, if followed to the letter.

Don't hesitate to ask any further questions; I know how frustrating acne is and even though I'm -really- not a forum person, I'll actually take the time to reply to all your questions.


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How is acne in Greece? I heard this one girl's relatives from there who were visiting had looked at her acne like they had never seen it before. Sounded like it's more rare in Greece than in the U.S.

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I think it is more rare in Greece than the U.S. I don't see a lot of people with acne (nor too few). And like everywhere else, there are also pretty bad cases.

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hello and thnk you for the reply! i think I'll give it a try and order it despite the shipping cost. As for acne in Greece I don't believe it's any different from US or anywhere else, it's acne, bad and annoying with bad timing too.Now that I have job interviews, hormonal acne gets worse and worse everyday.

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