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Do You Harbor Any Resentment Towards Your Parents?

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I know deep down I sometimes have some resentment towards my parents. I think I feel this way for two reasons. The minor one is that Acne has a large genetic factor and I obviously get my genes from my parents. The main reason is that they didn't help me get treatment early when it first started. I was young teenager and I didn't even know you could see a skin specialist. If they had taken me to one earlier, I would probably be in much better shape today. Of course they ignored my skin issues because they just thought it was one of those teenage things that will go away on its own not because they were bad parents.

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Well since my acne is NOT genetic, i have to say I don't. Even if it was, I would probably not resent them because they gave me a good life. Everyone has a cross to bear and unfortunately, acne is ours.

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not at all. I may have had pimples in the past and am still trying to fade the marks left behind, but I have a lot to thank them for in terms of genetics.

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No I don't, I do blame the doctors around me who let my face become the craterfest that it is today. It's very easy for them to say it isn't a big deal, but to underplay the various psychological trauma that goes with facial disfigurement is something I hope would change.

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