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Simple Things That Are Working. Finally!

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Well I'm 35 years old and I'm beginning to see fine lines around my eyes.

It stinks because I always thought there would be a time when breakouts ended before aging began, a time when I'd be super hot! Lol

My acne puzzle is slowly coming together though, I had a period of clarity that I attributed to digestive enzymes and DIM, but it went away and I couldn't understand it, until I reupped my vitamin D3. I take about 5,000 IUs per day and I think that was it! Plus a few other things.

I do have food intolerances, hence the digestive enzymes when I choose to be bad, but D3 somehow helps digestion too. I also only indulge in sugar once a week or less, and I make sure I take chromium on those days.

I found a facial product I love, Sweet Bee Magic. I put a small dollop on my index finger, melt it by rubbing it on my finger tips and smooth it all over. It doesn't prevent acne, but it doesn't cause it and it helps moisturize and heal.

It's greasy at first but it sinks in after about 15 mins. If it doesn't, you've applied too much.

After this sinks in I wet my potassium alum bar, yes, crystal deodorant, and rub it onto whatever spots I have. It's as antibacterial as bp without all the side effects, and it speeds healing more than anything I've used.

I think more than anything we need to realize acne isn't as big a deal to those around us as it is to ourselves.

Now if I can just hold back on aging any more so I can have that in between period of hotness! ;)

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I LOVE SWEET BEE MAGIC. I use Medicine Mama's Ultra Beauty Balm as my primary moisturizer which is Sweet Bee Magic with more of the Melexylem (or whatever they call the manuka honey compound). I slather it on at night. I broke out pretty badly after trying coconut oil (stupid, stupid, gross, I don't even like coconut), and this calmed the inflammation right away.

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