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Clear Skin After Ovulation / During Luteal Phase

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My acne has gotten significantly better and I guess I could consider myself cleared, however, there is a pattern to my acne that has baffled me since it began at 14

Starting from my period my skin gets progressively worse, it becomes red, blotchy, rough, extremely oilly and pores are huge. Then, a day or two before ovulation I have a minor breakout.

But as soon as I have ovulated, the whole look and texture of my skin will clear up, my face glows and my pores seem to dissapear. The change is DRAMATIC and happens overnight once I have ovulated, this process repeats itself like clockwork every month.

This is confusing as to my understanding, most woman experience the complete opposite and for them the second half of their cycle is problematic?

I have been off bc for almost 4 years, my cycles always are and always have been regular, I eat and live clean and don't have any underlying hormonal problems as far as I know.

Does anyone else experience this? Or have any idea what this could indicate? As everything I read about treats it the other way round

Thanks :)

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It could be anything. When you go through that cycle, your body pulls attention away from getting rid of the toxins, or just runs out of nutrients, etc. to battle the toxins with. So they get pushed out through your skin and it turns into acne. That's just a theory, but if it continues to bother you, then I suggest seeing a naturopath and they can run tests to see the exact cause of it. I don't think you should buy in Over the counter products or do unnatural medicine. It will probably just worsen your problem.

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I know this is a late post but I have exactly the same issue. Perfect skin from ovulation until my period finishes. My skin completely dries up and pores are minimized. Then after my period when most people have clear skin the oil happens. My skin is awful at this stage of my cycle.  I have been trying to figure this out for years! 

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