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I Cured My Acne With Diet.

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My acne started when I was 13 years old. Back then, it was just small pimples, but it got worse over time. I accepted the notion that acne is genetic and hormonal, so there was probably nothing I could do about it. I thought I just had to wait it out. Occasionally, my skin would clear up perfectly for a short period of time, but I thought it was just luck, as if clear the condition of your skin was random. Like if it was just a matter of statistics, and there was no underlying reason. A few years later, I began studying biochemistry, and I realized that such things don’t “just happen”. There is actually a chemical reason for everything that happens in the body. Chemistry determines why some people have clear skin and some don’t. Since then, I have done countless experiments with sleep, diet, medication and exercise. I have learned what I have to do to have completely clear skin, and I have learned the hard way what fucks up my skin and my body. Bacteria aren’t the cause of acne. That belief is just stupid. Everyone have bacteria on their skin, so if bacteria were the cause, everyone would have acne. But acne is always caused by inflammation or hormones, and contrary to what big pharma often claims while referring to their studies (which are biased as fuck), neither inflammation nor hormones is determined by your genetics. It’s the exact opposite. Hormones and inflammation determine your genetic expression. And this is where it’s connected to acne. Hormones are the molecules that control your sebum production. Some hormones increase the production, and some slows it down. If there is a hormonal imbalance without inflammation, this will cause sebum to accumulate in the skin. This is called whiteheads. If the whiteheads come into contact with oxygen, it becomes blackheads (a molecule in the sebum called Melanin changes colour when it reacts with oxygen). If this occurs while you have inflammation in your body, your immune system will attack the whitehead. A molecule called Histamine (produced by a cell called a basophil) will cause blood vessels to become leaky, which allows for the immune system to rush to the area and fight the pathogen (bacteria). Unfortunately, histamine also causes swelling. The immune system also produces other molecules, and some of these molecules are called cytokines. These are very toxic, and can kill bacteria, but they also damage the surrounding tissue. This causes excess biological waste to accumulate, further increasing the size of the pimple. But this doesn’t happen for everyone.

I think this is one of the biggest mistakes in modern medicine. People don’t ask “Why does my immune system attack my blackheads, but the other guy’s immune system doesn’t do that?” There’s a fucking reason for why that happens. And if you manage to eliminate the culprit for inflammation, your acne will improve extremely fast. If you do everything right, you can also eliminate excess sebum, and this will give you completely clear skin. Not only will the skin be free of spots, it will also change your face colour and remove a lot of contrast. This includes the dark circles under your eyes, and the permanently red cheeks. You will also look less pale (the kind pale that looks unhealthy or dead).

The way you eliminate inflammation is primarily through diet. The first thing you want to fix is your balance between the fatty acids. If there is too much omega 6 compared to omega 3, you will have huge inflammation. The balance between omega 6 and omega 3 must be less than 3:1. I live in Denmark, and the average balance is around 15:1. In USA, it’s much higher. Some people have more than 100:1. To correct this, you need to take 3 grams of high quality omega 3 each day for 3 to 5 months, depending on how bad your balance is. This has to be 3 grams of pure omega 3 fatty acids, and it has to be in the form of DHA and EPA. The form called ALA is useless in this perspective. To get 3 grams of omega 3, you probably have to take at least 6 grams of fish/krill oil, since fish oil also contains other fatty acids. When your balance is 3:1 or less, you move on to the next dietary change. You should avoid eating anything artificial or processed food, junkfood, vegetable oil, trans-fat, gluten, diary, soy, corn, alcohol, eggs and sugar. These are the worst inflammatory foods. When I say avoid, I don’t mean limit. I mean avoid completely. There is something called celiac disease. Its almost the same as inflammatory acne, it’s just in your intestine. It triggered by gluten, and an amount as little as the gluten in a breadcrumb can trigger a severe response in the gut. So just avoid inflammatory foods completely. These restrictions also force you to eliminate a lot of carbohydrates, which is also very good for your overall health. During this procedure, you should also go to bed before 22:45 and drink a glass of water every hour of the day. Avoid all supplements and medication. If you take medication, your body is damaged. The molecule I mentioned earlier (histamine) co-regulates sleep, sexual function and gastric acid. If you take medication that regulates sebum production, what the fuck do think it also co-regulates besides that? Not something you want to find out. Don’t apply anything to your skin either. You will also want to avoid rigorous exercise, as this also causes some inflammation. This procedure will clear up the skin of almost everyone, as it is just nature doing its work. When your skin is clear, try to reintroduce 1 of these foods at a time, and wait at least 3 weeks to see if you react to each food. From this procedure, I learned, that my own culprits for bad skin was gluten, diary and processed meat. Gluten (the worst of all foods) is truly the king of inflammation, and I believe the world would be better off without it. But when I avoid these foods and go to bed at 22:45, my skin is so beautiful the next day that people are jealous. I never look tired, and I don’t have to use any products for my skin. I don’t normally think about my skin, and the image I have of myself most of the time is one of a person with perfect skin. The reason I’m writing this to you guys is because I ate bacon and cake yesterday (containing milk, gluten, nitrates and sugar), and my skin got really bad for the first time in months. I feel like crap now. I am very angry with myself for eating that shit. Although I know nothing about you, I believe many of you probably can relate to how I feel right now and to the self-hate that arises to some extend when your skin looks like shit. Instead of using this anger negatively, I thought I could as well use it productively to share my methods for having clear skin, which have been extremely effective for me. If you think I don’t know my biochemistry, then don’t take my advice and just keep taking your medication until it co-regulates something in your body in a very bad way. I’m sure your doctor can give you some new drug for the bad changes in your body, and one more drug to lessen the adverse effects of your drug combination ;) Anyways, I know through experience that my skin will be completely clear 1 week from now, and I will probably not visit this website again, but I hope some of you will take my advice, and I promise it will help you. Peace :)

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This is very interesting.

Since I'm very lazy,I have been using a chia drink that I buy at target here in the U.S. , it's called mamma chia its supposedly organic and besides of having 2500 mg of chia, it also has omega 3 and 9, ever since I have stated taking that drink, one once a day I have been able to go without having constipation or else.

I have been trying not to have sugars or fast food, today I had some hamburgers, fries and soda and felt like I wanted to throw up.

According to my doctor I have hypothyroidism, that he's never being able to balance ,I was always constipated for 3 days at a time and had to force myself eating prunes ,that I had to keep increasing to just clean my system in a not pleasant way.

I was gaining weight, and since I reached menopause, my skin went dry and pimply worst than ever.

I refuse to take hormones or vitamins.

I had a blood test for allergies and according to the test I'm not even allergic to nothing.

So why the heck, citrus , all berries, pineapples make me so itchy.

Salicylates, the food this day is grown with double of them , the natural and the altered .great!

Ok , now I never liked eggs, and never ate them , but since I stopped having cereal then I had to start eating them for breakfast.

So why do you say they are bad?, for what I read some people say they are ok others don't.

Ok , also last time I tried to stop my thyroid hormone I almost ended up in the ER .

And also if I don't apply the benzoyl peroxide treatment I get more pimples.

What can I eat for breakfast? I have a lot of food sensitivities.

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Eggs are a wonderful food. I eat them almost every day, and if i had to choose 1 type of food i had to eat for the rest of my life, it would be eggs. But The foods i listed are the foods that most peoples immune systems commonly react to. This are the bad guys for average people. So if you want to find out what you react to, you have to cut these things out. Eggs are good, but some people cant eat them. I think the best replacement for eggs is spanish ham wrapped around fruit. Tastes awesome, and its very healthy. I wrap ham around avocados. It gives me a lot of protein and fat, and it can keep me going for hours. I always make sure the ham only contains meat and salt. No nitrates (labeled as E250-E260 i think), because that causes a lot of inflammation too. Spanish or Italian ham free of additives is surprisingly easy to find.

If you react to citrus fruits, you should do a little research to find out if its a pesticide or a natural compound of the fruit you react to. Im sure a lot of people share your problems. And don't try to stop a hormone. It probably has 1000 functions in the body, nobody knows what will happen if you interfere with those. My step dad actually went to Canada a few years ago. He primarily ate junk food, and he acquired hyperthyroidism. The doctors told him he would be on drugs for many years and that food couldn't cause hyperthyroidism, because "there was no scientific evidence". He ate healthy after that, and he eventually got a normal metabolism without drugs, but it took a few years. He had some eczema and skin inflammation too, and that went away when he balanced his omega 6/3 and cut sugar and gluten.

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@Guest111111 ... Thank you so much ,I have been paying attention to how I react to the food that I eat , most of what you have mentioned I have researched, and read a lot .

One of the things that you mentioned is about healthy fat and that is probably where I got it wrong ,eating no fats at all, thank you for answering my questions about the eggs, because some people have mentioned about cutting eggs too,I thought that I was being allergic to eggs because

After eating them I would get itchy, but then I paid attention and it was the lemon I was having with the eggs, and I love hard boiled eggs and if I could I would eat eggs all day and everyday , just like you , my family make fun of that.My husband says , oh your mom if she could, she would be fine eating eggs all the time.

Thanks again.

The only thing that is happenings right now with my hypothyroidism is that I was having the mamma chia drink and it was doing wonders for my system but then I think that it was having an effect on my thyroid medication,I always notice when my thyroid is acting weird, it's really hard to balance hypothyroidism , and for what I read increasing my dose won't help , my body doesn't convert t4 to t3 , and I have read that selenium can help with that but with a bunch of side effects .

Chia seeds are natural , but then it says to use why caution with people with kidney problems,I wasn't aware of that,I was having only a drink a day , but I started getting some pain on my the upper right side of my back and as soon as I stopped the chia drink the pain had been reduced almost gone.I'm kind of sad because it was keeping me regular, now I need to find something that has a balance of omega 3,6.

Thanks again.

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