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A bit powder-y after applying makeup?

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If you use powder and your face isn't super oily spray your face a little after putting it on. The droplets go away in a few minutes and it looks way better.

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Hi Lily,

That's a really interesting idea! I use spring water to spritz my face with after applying mineral makeup, but I never thought of mixing the water with moisturizer. You could probably mix it with a very light oil too, like grapeseed or hazelnut.

A lot of gals seem to like spritzing with hydrosol, which is basically floral water. So many things to try, so little time! smile.gif

Thanks for the great tip!

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I usually like my make-up much better about an hour or so after I put it on...

after it settles in and mixes with some oils on my skin...

Does spritzing the face with water...have the same effect?

I know this may be a dumb question..What happens to your mascara...?

Or...is the mist sooo... light it doesn't mess it up?

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I wonder if this would be a good use for MAC's Fix+ spray?

I bought a bottle of it a while ago, but have just never seemed to get into the groove of actually using it. I know it is supposed to add moisture and help "set" powder makeups a little bit, so I will assume it would also be perfect for mineral makeup as well.

Thanks for the idea! smile.gif

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I usually spritz my face after applying my foundation, setting powder, and blush, but BEFORE using any eyeshadow or mascara. That way I'm sure I won't be getting any puddles of mascara under my eyes! smile.gif

I agree with you 100% -- after the foundation sort of "melds" with your skin, it tends to look much more natural and fresh! That's why mineral makeup is great, because it's in a loose powder form and it seems to melt into your skin instead of sitting on top of it, like with liquid foundation. I've heard that Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse is pretty good too, but their lightest shade is still too dark for my pale, pale skin! cry.gif

Take care!

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