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I'm 17. Any Advice For Asking Mum To Go On Bc For Acne?

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Hey guys, I'm new to these forums. I've struggled with acne badly on my face and body (arm and occasionally back) since probably the beginning of 2012, so I thought I may as well finally start using these forums, because for once, I know I will be speaking to people who actually get it.

I know my acne is caused by hormones. Mainly because when I began having troubles with my skin, it was a few months after my period started, and was extremely irregular. I'm also someone who's quite obsessive compulsive about having clean sheets/clothes/skin, etc. It just makes me feel better about myself. So, while I'm sure bacteria does plague my skin, it is not like I neglect my skin and let bacteria manifest on it's own.

I also have problems with other aspects, just my hormones being out of control. Sorry if this is all TMI, I just feel like I don't know how to approach my mum about this. I don't want her to assume that I'm sexually active when I'm not, because I feel like as parents, they tend to do that anyway. I know that people take birth control to help with hormonal acne and have seen results, I really want to to do it but I don't feel like this will convince my mum even though she is extremely laid back and not really strict.

I guess,

To summarise all this, my question is, for anyone who may have had to have a similar conversation with their parent(s), how did you go about it? Or any advice for me. I'm so nervous.

I'm not even sure if this is the appropriate forum for this :( I know that because I'm starting a new school next year, where you're not allowed to wear any makeup, I'm gonna feel horrible about my self esteem if I don't try it though.

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Have you seen a doctor about this? I'm 15 and have mild acne, and when I went to my regular physician for a yearly checkup, she told me she could prescribe me some medication (non-birth control) or refer me to a dermatologist. Perhaps you need to see a dermatologist instead,

I don't really understand why you think you need birth control if your period is making your skin worse: for two weeks before and after my period, my skin is always much worse. Please consider trying a natural remedy such as Vitex or Milk Thistle to improve your acne.

However, if I'm not making any sense to you, the Internet has lots of resources and reviews for people like you who have used birth control. Please listen to them and not me.



P.S.: I wish I could go to a school where the girls didn't wear makeup. Although you may be dreading it, it may help you a lot because you can't be judged as nobody will be wearing makeup, and lots of girls have acne too.

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I agree with NonFictionalFangirl,

Birth control won't control acne 100%, at least, not for my daughter.

You need to see a doctor, first and then , you will be referred to a dermatologist, who also can prescribe birth control for acne.

So I think that you should talk to your mom and express that acne is bothering you, and you need to see a doctor, I'm sure she will understand.

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Maybe you can suggest to your mom to see your doctor together and talk about birth control because it'll probably feel more reassuring to her to hear it from a "professional". If your cycle is giving you other problems outside of acne then it's worth considering anyway because it really helps with PMS and all that. But be aware that for some girls, getting off birth control may cause an even worse breakout due to hormonal fluctuations and everything. But either way, suggest to go see someone together and hopefully they'll provide you with other options too if anything.

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