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Using More Than 2 Pumps Of Bp

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Hi Guys,

I have been using more than the suggested amount of BP on the regimen - and I am interested to hear if there are many others doing the same - or if I am doing something a bit extreme here?

Reading through the forum posts it seems most people apply less.

The regimen seems to work better for me with the extra BP - particularly in the extremely humid weather in summer here in Sydney Australia.

I apply the BP only on a selected portion of my face - my chin, nose, under and side of nose; but I use a full 1.5 - 2 pumps....



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I'm surprised you need quite that much BP when you're not even applying it to your whole face. Doesn't it take forever to dry then??

I guess it all depends on your skin - for me, >2 pumps would dry out my skin so fast. Personally I find less is more. How long have you been using that much BP?

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The recommended 2 pumps is a "serving suggestion" really and not a hard and fast rule. As long as you've been on the Regimen for at least 2-4 weeks and your skin has fully adjusted to BP, then I don't see anything wrong with using more if that's what works best to keep you clear. The BP applied liberally to affected areas is the heart of the treatment and they recommend using more when in doubt. My son uses 3 pumps on his whole face.

It is a good idea from time to time to experiment to see if your skin can stay clear on less. Maybe after you've been clear for awhile, try just using 2 pumps and see what happens. Many have found after awhile that they don't need as much BP later on.

Good luck! :)

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Thanks guys,

It does take a while to dry - but I found it always did even with lower amounts.

My story is - I had been using BP in these quantities for several years - and it worked beautifully, I stayed very clear.

I recently had a break from the regimen - not because I was having any issues with it particularly, I just wanted to try not using it to see if I still needed it.

Turns out I DO still need it - so I have started using it again, gradually increasing the amount.

I was still getting some breakouts using one pump, so have decided to keep increasing back up to what I was using before.....

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If you would like to try decreasing the dosage, do it slowly. And I think you need to give it time as well.

When I decreased from two full pumps to just one pump, I got a few pimples, but I ignored them and stuck with one pump for about two weeks then my skin became clear again, it was as though the skin learned to utilize a smaller amount more efficiently.

Then I decided to apply BP only at night. For the past 3 months that I have done so, I have had clear skin. Now I'm experimenting by applying BP only once every few days and so far I haven't had major problems.

I would definitely try to go as little as possible in maintaining clear skin, just for the sake of letting the bottle last longer.

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