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My Acne Journey Day By Day

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I was recomended this regimen by a friend who suffered from moderate to severe acne. I have mild acne on my cheeks with a bunch of acne scars! I hAve seen so many great reviews and decided to give it a try! I watched dans regimen videos on yourube so im pretty sure ive got this regimen down packed! I have used so many acne treatments otc plus perscription as well as oral but nothing seemed to work the way i wanted which led me here!

So i started this regimen Monday December 1,2014

As directed by dan i

Washed my face with the cleanser

Waited about 10 min

Put the bp ob

Waited for another 10 min and put the mositerizeur on.

When i use to do this before using cerave or cetaphil my face would dry up so bad!! Im not sure why cause they were suppose to be gentle non irritating. But it burned my face when i used the acne.org products i have no burning sensation at all! Infact i think people arw burning and face drying because they started to fast to early! Dan said to use the bp once a day during the first week and gradually add more.

I am now on Day 3 and i do see a little improvement on my right cheek! The bumps definetly refuced in size! My left cheek however has a cluster of bumps just togeter which is more of the problem. I havent really seen any reasults on that side but than again we're only on day 3 so il give it time!

My face was so clear and once i got back to school my face broke out like crazy! It usedcto bother me but i feel like God led mecto this product and i trust that he will heal my acne through this product! So it dosent bother me anymore ! There are some people who suffer way worst then just acne! Acne is not the end of the world! It is a condition that can and will go away! Do not let acne effect your well being!

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Thank you very much for replying!

so far it has been 2 weeks and 4 days since I have been on the regimen and It has worked wonders!

all the clogged pores that I had on my right cheek has cleared tremendously with an exception of a few dark marks and very very very few bumps literally like 2 small baby comeodones.

The cluster that I had on my left cheek has went down but has left a dark mark so I am hoping with continued use it will go away.

I couldn't have been any happier with the results so far. the only thing I would say is after about 6 days my face started to get dry and flaky but hen went away because I skipped the bp the next morning and just used the cleanser and moisturizer. My forehead is completely clear and now when I feel a bump coming its very little and goes away within a day! with acne.org and god I am finally starting to get the confidence I once had before all this! I even went out and got my nails AND eye brows done cause I feel just that good again! cant wait to see more results within weeks to come!

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It has been two months since i have been on the regimen and my face is 100% clear! Most i get now if i get anything is one bump that goes down after a day or two! Im still using this regimen everyday morning and night faithfully! It keeps my face very refresed! I had bumps everywhere and my confidence was slow i never wanted to go out but afrer using this i CONSTANTLY get compliments on how smooth my face is! I gained all my confidence and i feel so beautiful! If it worked for me it will most certainly work for anybody else!

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4 month update:: my face is still clear! I get so many compliments on my face of how beautiful my skin is and how smooth it looks! Acne .org changed my life! It really works. I used everythin from perscription pills to perscription face creams! NOTHING WORKED till my friend told me about acne.org!

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