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Hey everyone,

I posted a tiny but before about being in a relationship with severe acne. However I just wanted to talk/vent this time about having to deal with acne in more detail.

I am a 20 year old female currently suffering from severe acne in the form of cysts, pustules and papules. The cysts are the worst as they are incredibley painful to the point where I can't turn my face as it is too sore. The doctors that I have seen have just prescribed me creams after creams which haven't worked along with 3x different types of antibiotics which also have done nothing. I would love to go on accutane but my GP said its a 4 month waiting list minimum.

As my acne is mainly around my jaw/chin/neck area I was thinking it could be hormonal and I have been taking a supplement called DIM plus by natures way for the past 3 weeks...with also no success yet. I am just at my wits end and I am so close to a breakdown. I'm so depressed at looking at my ugly messed up face everyday, I just don't understand why I and so many others are plagued with this condition. It takes such a huge toll on myself esteem and how i value myself. How does anybody stay positive with this? Or how do you all cope when things get bad with the acne? It would be great to hear from some of you!

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When my acne was at it's worst I had a breakdown, I found myself crying most everyday and going to class felt like it wasn't an option. Always trying to cover or hide my face. It was hell and I never want to go back - yet sometimes when I have a new breakout or zit I feel those feelings may return. You've gotta find solace in the little things, good things. Focus on the future, what goals you want to achieve, no matter how small - anything to keep you motivated and from falling into the spiral of acne related depression. Immerse yourself in things that make you happy - new music, books, sports, tv, friends, anything!

As for your acne, I was on bcps for quite a while for my acne [when it was as bad as ever] and I saw improvement - wasn't a cure though (just putting that there), have you spoken with an obgyn or gp?

Remember your acne doesn't determine your value whatsoever!

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have you tried having a healthy diet ....some people find a lot of improuvement by doing that (including me)

you shouldnt stress about it ....turst me ...when i stress ....acne comes no matter how healthy i eat ....but when i get busy doing something proactive ...it goes away .....i know its hard but try not to stress about it ...to prevent future pimples

i advice you try every possible solution out there before using accutane...its dangeros (trust me i used it and still suffer some side effect untill this day)

but if nothing else work ...then you have to read on alll the side effects and stories and make a personal well informed desicion about accutane

and finally i know how hard it is to live with acne .....but the moment you let it controle your life ...you loose ...not just your skin ....but you loose your life ...you loose your dreams ...people close to you ...you loose yourself ....acne will go someday in many many cases ....but your dreams cant wait ...and life is too short....so go out there ....make your dreams come true ....deal with your acne ....try everything ...be smart ....dont stress about it...and live your life

remember : nobody cares about your acne more than you do ....and you're just one person living with billon other persons

sorry for my english

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Thank you so much for the replies!! Geekingi know exactly how you feel/felt. Its so soul destroying having to face the public when you feel so downright horrible. I really appreciate your advice on keeping myself busy and finding the good in things, I need to try and do more of that haha. My gp put me on two different types of contraception for my acne and neither one worked. I have sort of lost faith in doctors because of this ):

I have been trying a healthier lifestyle, I cut out dairy a while ago (8 months) and have just cut out gluten but neither of this has helped at all unfortunately. I do think stress makes it worse but I find it so hard not to stress out at it, it just makes me so upset and angry all the time. My world revolves around my acne, I can't eat my favourite foods anymore etc it is literally consuming my life and it makes me feel like shit to be quite frank! Its not enough to look like a monster I now can't enjoy my foods. Greaaaaat haha.

Thanks again for replying everyone, your words are very inspiring and I hope I can try to stick by them!!(:

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