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Extremely Flaky & Dry

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Is there anything I could do to get rid of this dryness and flakiness? Any masks or scrubs to get rid of this? It's insanely bad and my makeup just makes it more prominent. I wouldn't wear makeup but my acne scarring is quite prominent. I'm 4 weeks into my regime and I would love to know if there's anything that you guys use for the dryness? Any substitution to the moisturizer or did you add the jojoba oil? Any masks to peel away the flakiness? You're help will be greatly appreciated!

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I'd add the jojoba oil. I had this same problem (bar the make-up obviously...) I also reduced the benzoyl peroxide in the day to half a fingers length and added jojoba oil to the more dry parts on my face i.e my neck and mouth area. Good luck

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I second the above poster. Jojoba oil is great for flakes and giving extra moisturizing power to your moisturizer. Just add a few drops of jojoba oil and mix in the palm of your hand before applying. Great stuff! :)

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I experienced these exact symptoms for about a month. Simply put, keep using the regimen properly and it will soon go away! My skin is still sometimes flaky but no longer red or overly dry and have been using it for 2 months :)

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