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22 Year Old Roaccutane/accutane Journey (Uk)

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Hey sufferers :)

So I'm 22 years old and have suffered from acne for nearly 8 years now. The past 3/4 years have been the worst.

I FINALLY was prescribed roaccutane from my dermatologist after being referred from my doctors (NHS).

Although iv heard some bad things about it I felt like I had no other choice!

My skin is quite oily more than anything normally, I get cystic acne mostly around my cheeks and chin.. The past few months iv developed some big ones on my head which scared me!!

I do have red scars, some iceprik scars too!

Acne affects my whole life it's the core to my insecurities and not many of my friends and family quite understand why it affects me so much! But I'm sure you will :)

So I got given 10mg for the first 2 weeks and 20mg for 3rd and 4th weeks then I have to go back and find my test results aswell as see if my dose needs to be higher!

My dermatologist told me I will be on it for 3 months, more if needs be. (I'm guessing more it's not that common to be on for just 3!)

I'm nearly at the end of my second week.

The side effects im feeling now are quite dry lips but I'm constantly keeping them moisturised with some Nivea lips balm atm!

My skin is getting dry so I'm trying to over moisturise and I exfoliate around once a week to try help!

I absolutely hate the dry skin iv suffered with this before (when I dried my skin out with soap and water everyday thinking it would stop acne) so using make up can look horrible but I can not leave my house without covering my skin !!!

Some advice from me ;

Before I started using roaccutane I bought neutrogea stress spot control cleanser - I use this as a cleanser and a toner with cotton wool pads.

I felt a difference it really helps my spots go down and I didn't get any new ones.

I also bought Avene moisturising cream with spf (£14) it works really well and didn't clog my skin unlike previous moisturisers as its non comodogenic. Both these products have made a bit of a difference and I will continue to use them!

Avene is quite expensive for its size (40ml) so I think I'm going to try Cetaphil daily moistusing cream!

Can anybody recommend any good lip balms and serums ? I know my skin will get a lot more dry which im dreading!

And any other advise is welcome!

Il keep posted on my progress!

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