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Hi all. I came up with a concoction in my bathroom which is greatly helping my face in its healing process, and it doesnt break me out.

I started with a natural moisturizer which has essential oils in it. I found that essential oils help lubricate my skin and not only plump it up but helps stop it from making more oil and helps my scars heal.

Moisturizer - http://m.beautyheaven.com.au/skin-care/moisturisers/38711-natural-instinct-daily-moisturiser

So, i put a dollop of this in my hand. Next I added 2 drops of tea tree oil to kill any bacteria thats present on my skin.

I then added 4 drops of emu oil. Emu oil has been helping people for centuries combat skin problems aswell as scarring, and for me its easy to get here in Aus.

I then added a pinch of epsom salts and meltes thia into my concoction by rubbing it around against my hand. Epsom salts help lock in the moisture and also help purge out the blind pimples under your skin.

I also added a pinch of MSM powder. I take this internally to help re-generate my bodys cells but i heard you can use it as a cream and it does the same thing.

Lastly i add 2-3 drops of apple cider vinegar.

The vinegar stabilizes the skins PH, removes dead skin cells, removes trapped dirt and sebum, evens skin tone etc.

So with all of this i mix it up in the palm of my hand and pop it on my clean face before bed. The first few days i used this i did break out on my chin but that was from the epsom pulling out the blind pimples.... i am happy to say 1 week later i have only 1 pimple, my scarring has faded by 50%, my skin tone is more even (no dark bags) and my skin is firmer and plumper and my face creases have minimized dramatically. Im 23 and ive been told my face now looks like that of a 16 year old...

For those who also dont know me that well i take Maca 500mg every night to help even my hormones (chin acne) and i drink a tsp of apple cider in 650ml water to combat insulin spikes from yummy foods (also causes chin acne)

Dont forget to take fiber and drink lots of water, this helps with brow and forehead pimples (digestion)

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