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I'm new!

I've just started my third course of accutane, starting on 30mg per day for 4 weeks and will probably be upped after that.

Right now I am completely reliant on the pill Dianatte (Co-cyprindiol), I don't have one spot right now other than whitehead/blackhead type bumps which never go away! but I can't begin to tell you how bad my skin is when I'm not on this pill. I have the oiliest skin I have ever seen on anyone, to be honest I would be so shocked if even one person on the forum had oilier skin than me, it could litterally drip! Yuck. When I come off this pill which I've been on for 6 years now, it's catastrophic! I know my acne is hormone related but I'm not sure if it's because I've put so much of this pill into my body and messed up my hormones. I'm so scared to come off it because the healing time if I have to go back on it is over 6 months :(

So, my question is, did accutane work for you for hormone related acne? How did you know it was hormone rated?

Also interested to know if accutane worked for you if you tried it with food/fatty food? I took accutane before for 3 months and it worked at the time of taking it but not longterm, the oil slick came back! I didn't know at the time to take the pills with food and I've read a lot of studies about the absorption being doubled with food. Just wondering if id taken with food if the longterm effects are better? Can anyone relate? Please!!

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