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Day One Of Amnesteem (Accutane) And Want To Start Blog On Here

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Today is day one for me with taking Amnesteem and I am pretty nervous because of all of the stories I have heard mainly about how it will get way worse before it gets better. I have struggled with acne for so long and I have tried everything under the sun and over the counter etc. with no positive results. I am wanting to start a blog on here to so I can keep up with my progress throughout the medication but I can't figure out how to start the blog on here. Can anyone help me?

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I've moved your entry to the Accutane Logs forum :)

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Keep reading (OR SKIP TO WHAT TO DO) I will discuss what cured my acne scroll down and skim through if you wish. Everything youve been told is a lie. In This post I will try to take all my knowledge that I have learned over four years of research, and information from two doctors, one naturopath and one regular Medical doctor. Two doctors I like are Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Mercola both get to the root cause of any problem including acne which western medicine nor pharmaceutical industries care about. Causes of acne from my knowledge Leaky Gut- food particles enter blood stream creating food sensitives** not allergies contributing to inflammation another cause of acne. According to a study 100% of acne patients had bacteria in the blood that was supposed to be found only in the gut. Overgrowth of parasites and fungus such as candida- burden the immune system as well as the gut and according to the bodys detoxification process if the gut cannot handle it goes to the liver/lungs/kidneys then to the skin. Toxins- toxins such as heavy metals or free radicals or any sort of toxic build-up Imbalanced Gut flora or overgrowth of bacteria- Gut flora are micro-organisms in the gut and we even have a micro-film of organisms on our skin. When the delicate balance gets disturbed our immune system is compromised leading to a whole host of problems also without adequate gut flora the gut wont work at 100% efficiency. Genetics/hormones (which can be controlled no derm will tell you that)- genetics do play a role in acne or everyone would get it especially the unhealthy eaters. People wont tell you that genes arent everything you can control how much a gene is expressed and whether its activated or not (recent scientific discoveries prove this) so you may have genes for acne but that doesnt mean you cannot cure it. Now to the hormones no one should have a hormonal imbalance and if you do which most acne sufferers do its due to diet high glycemic diets or high carb diets increase insulin and insulin releases hormones I think that is a small part of the puzzle however Ill explain more below. Or combination of some or all of what I stated above which is why acne is a difficult thing to tackle Side note get a metabolic blood test costs $40 with insurance to check your levels especially iron levels since anemia can cause vitamin a deficiency and vitamin A is super important for the skin so is E most acne sufferers are deficient in both including glutathione levels and SOD levels Quick background story on me: I had acne since middle school and it progressively got worse and my diet was horrible. Through high school and 1 year of college I finished high school early. I began going to the gym and my acne became severe on my face back and chest. Ive been on an anti-biotic two times it messed with my bowel movements and my acne came back worse due to all the damage it did once I got off it. Long story short I tried every possible thing all the supplements you could think of nothing worked! I did my own research on thing led to another I adopted a new diet went to a natural doctor and now I have clear skin and Im still on the path/ journey of health and allowing my skin to heal luckily I was able to avoid severe scarring. A regular medical doctor told me to never go on Accutane and so did the holistic doctor and both agreed acne is due to gut health and so is everything else I think its the only organ exposed to the outside world when its weak it sends signals to other body parts including the brain/skin. Its the engine of our body it an amazing thing I urge everyone to study the whole gut. I work at a health store also and have had lots of meetings/trainings online about health. I started a company to help people who just cant take it anymore and want the truth about health/fitness/weight loss/acne so just email me if you want further assistance Ill be glad to help. Diet- email me at [email protected] You think you eat healthy but you really dont. Thousands of years ago humans consumed 20 teaspoons of sugar a year now an average school kid consumes 30 teaspoons a day.... So if diet changes didn't work they were done the wrong way and I truly believe in that or diet couldnt fix the damage and quality supplements were needed. Getting an ALCAT which is a food sensitivity test is one option so you know what to eat and what to avoid to help heal your gut. I cannot stress enough how unhealthy people are these days with acne or without and you need to realize that and stop being lazy Ive gone from the opposite spectrum of horrible diet/health to great diet/health and still improving. Dont let anyone tell you that you must just deal with something or you cant fix something no one should get cancer or all these diseases at the rate theyre diagnosed in the world today. WHAT TO DO- (how to heal the gut and other problems that I believe cause acne) Diet email me at [email protected] Get an ALCAT test (optional but helpful but expensive $399) Remove offending foods such as eggs, dairy, gluten, grains, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, high glycemic food, peanuts (which are a legume not a nut and highly inflammatory by nature), nightshades example tomatoes and peppers, processed foods. All sounds scary to remove all these foods thats why the blood test would help or adopt a pure paleo diet which cut out most of the problems luckily I was able to eat eggs which I love according to my blood results side not look into your blood type I am type B and we should never eat chicken or coconuts and my blood results said the same thing. Drink only water and thats it no juice at all just eat real fruit/vegetables the fiber will lower the glycemic load. Eat a balanced meal high fat high protein low carbs contrary to belief we dont need as much carbs as people think and the whole grain thing is a myth I could get specific with science but ill save that for you to look up. Main Supplements- because they are helpful and due to the damage weve done to our bodies are necessary in my opinion Supplement for healing the lining of the gut- Intestine-new by renew life or repairvite K60 which can only be dispensed by health care pros Supplements for gut flora- highly potent probiotic especially if you have taken antibiotics at least 50 billion potency 2x daily I use renew life because theyre an excellent brand. Supplement to feed the good bacteria- Bobs red mill unmodified potato *starch* (not flour) 1tbsp daily for one month then 2tbsp daily for 3 months play with dosage to your needs dont go over 3tbsp per day Other supplements. Detoxes only do after 2 months into diet change (keep in mind optional may not be needed) Fish oil Liver detox Parasite detox I recommend para-gone by renew life Candida detox I recommend candi-gone by renew life Magnesium citrate Vitamin D Glutathione (reduced form) Chaga mushroom for SOD booster Organic multivitamin/mineral complex I recommend KIND organics by garden of life. Dont overdo it with supplements to much of one thing/vitamin is bad for you stop trying to be smart or cheat the system by taking too much zing or chromium like others have tried it wont work. Have a nice day/night/morning email me at [email protected]

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