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I am a female teen and have been using the acne.org regimen for a little over 5 months. Up until the last month it worked as it said it would, I was completely clear. However, within the last month the benzoyl peroxide has caused extreme redness, dryness and itchiness. I did not change anything, that I am aware of. Because of the extreme discomfort of the benzoyl peroxide, I took a break for about a week. I started using a natural regimen recommended by a women with much knowledge in natural healing. I used the facial toner(witch hazel, essential oils of: Black cumin, Tea tree, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Litsea fruit, and Lavender) in the morning, followed by 2-3 drops of Rose hip seed oil. In the evening I washed my face with Kirk's Original Coco Castile, then applied the rose hip seed oil, then applied the Nelson's pure and clear acne treatment gel. My skin returned to my normal skin tone and was no longer itchy and red, however the acne was back. I stuck with it for 4 days, but every day more and more pimples appeared. My skin was back to being full of pimples. Yesterday I did the same natural routine, but instead of the Nelson's acne treatment gel at night, I used the benzoyl peroxide. This morning, although the pimples have reduced, my entire face is as it was, extremely, red and itchy. Right now my skin is so red and uncomfortable, that I would rather deal with the acne than this. I need an alternative to benzoyl peroxide, one that won't be as harsh, but still work. I'm leaving for a mission trip in about 8 months and would LOVE to have my acne under control by then. PLEASE HELP!!!

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How frustrating to suddenly have a bad reaction to BP after 5 months.

I followed the regimen for a couple of years but then switched successfully to epiduo. Although it contains BP, you use only a pea size amount once a day. I was clear following the regimen, but started to break out when I switched to epiduo, but this settled down again after 2-3 months and I'm now clear again (for over a year).

You might have success with epiduo because of the reduced quantity that you apply. You will need to get it on prescription from your doctor but in your case I think it's worth a go.

Good luck with whatever you decide to try. :)

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It is VERY frustrating! Because of how bad my reaction was, I'm going to stay away from benzoyl peroxide entirely for now. But, thanks for your suggestion.:)

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