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Good Make Up For Very Pale Skin?

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Hi there.

I get hormonal acne, which is also exacerbated by certain makeup ingredients. Obviously oils really break me out, but so do things like Mica, Bismuth...and all of their deranged relatives. Mineral makeup made my acne far worse, as did brands such as Revlon, and Cover Girl.

I currently use Maybelline Super Stay foundation + power, and it works relatively well for me. It's oil free, but still has parabens which I know certainly cause blackheads that then become full blown break outs, however my skin seems OK with this brand. The issue is, their absolute palest colour is far too dark for me. I use porcelain ivory and it still doesn't match my neck correctly.

I'm looking for something that is going to have a decent range of lighter pale colours, but that will also not cause breakouts.

I've come to terms with the fact that I'll probably have to fork out $100 for foundation + powder. I also would love to wear blush again, but the blush I was using was breaking me out on my cheeks.

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L'oreal True Match makes a couple really really pale shades. I am always the palest shade and they make one even paler than me. They never broke me out but I guess everyone is different.

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I so second the Loreal True Match recommendation! It's really great for pale skin and it doesn't irritate me as bad as some other foundations. It's definitely my favorite drug store pick.

I use the lightest neutral tone shade, N1 Soft Ivory, and its a perfect match!

I believe Alabaster in the cool tone family is their lightest shade.

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Great! Thanks for your advice! I have heard quite a few people loving L'oreal True Match.

I'll go and have a look today at the drug store, and see if they can match my near transparent skin!

Thanks again.

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Loreal True Match is pretty pale (not quite pale enough for me, but close). I won't repurchase though because it clings to dry spots. If you ever get a little dry or flaky it will drive you nuts. It's a liquid-to-powder formula...kind of a like a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, it tries to be a liquid that dries to a powder finish....I just find it doesn't work well.

What a lot of makeup artists do is combine this mixing foundation (which is a pure white) with your favorite formula that's too dark. You use however much white you need to lighten it up. The formula mixes smoothly and then you don't have to sacrifice a foundation that feels great for one that feels crappy but is the right color.

If that's too much experimentation for you, the NYX HD in Nude is quite pale.

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I used to use Jane Iredale's Pure Pressed Base before I started making my own make-up. I rarley broke out while using it since it doesn't contain talc or bismuth oxychloride. The main filler ingredient is mica. Most people aren't sensitive to mica since it's a mineral so it surprises me that you are... leading me to think it could be another ingredient that you're sensitive to like the many silicones that are in Revlon's Colorstay.

Anyways, I suggest natural brands like Jane Iredale with the least amount of fillers and some good ingredients to help combat breakouts. One ingredient I suggest you look for in mineral make-up is silk powder. It helps to balance the oils in the skin by absorbing them without making your skin look too oily.

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Ah I just started a thread on this before seeing this one was already posted, ma bad, would delete it but I'm not sure how (I'm new here), someone let me know if there is a way to delete threads.

I use Revlon Colorstay whipped atm but it's sadly one shade too dark for me right now with it being winter. I remember trying the MUFE Mat Velvet+ foundation in the past in the lightest shade (#15) and although it was light enough for me in the winter time it was like yellow central on my face... not too sure why as it's described as having pink undertones online but it definitely had more neutral/yellow undertones to it... was not a good look, only got to re-use it a couple times on Halloween for doing zombie makeup lol. I've also tried their HD foundation and although the lightest shade had the right undertones in it for me it was still not quite light enough for me to wear during the winter.

I've heard great things about Missha BB creams, any of you guys try them out? They have a shade #13 which is supposed to be super fair in both their Perfect Cover and Signature Real Complete BB cream... I'm probably going to try the Signature Real Complete out soon so I'll let you guys know how it goes if you're interested.

Oh and the MAC Face and Body white foundation does seem like a good investment as I keep accumulating random foundation 1-2 shades too dark for me that I can never wear :/ I'm just lazy though and would prefer to not have to mix it in with foundation.

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