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How Can I Treat This?

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I have a feeling I will need something like laser treatment to really sort the problem out!

All over my cheeks (and this only happens in colder months) I get these tiny red marks..kind of like ice pick scars. I don't think they are just clogged pores because when I squeeze them nothing comes out. But when had really bad acne in my teens I only got it on my chin and forehead, never on my cheeks..so I'm wondering how I'd have developed scars?

I've tried a few of the Paula's Choice products but my skin is also very very dry and sensitive so most of them just irritated it even more and made me go bright read! At the moment I'm using grapeseed and coconut oil to calm the redness and dryness which is definitely slowly working. I'm also using Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid which is one of the few products that doesn't irritate it. I occasionally use Apple Cider Vinegar as well..and most nights I put on a thick layer of Cetaphil.

Does anyone have any other suggestions about what this is and if it's treatable? It really does get me down and somehow looks even worse when I put make up on!! I can never look people in the eye and I see people starring all the time..It's been like this for years now whenever the cold months hit and I'm kind of fed up to put it lightly lol oh and that's a showercap around my ear hahaha just realised it looks a little weird



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Your skin is exactly like mine! I have the same ice pick scars and redness, I have no clue what it is-

I know this is more than just acne and its frustrating.

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This could be a rosacea type thing...my understanding is that occasional use of an antibacterial wash and moisturiser can help. I saw someone else posted that some proactive helped them. Epiology has a wash and a special cream that reduces acne redness which could be worth a look.

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