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My Skins Look Terrible After I Stopped My Regimen.

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My skin was almost clear but the regimen makes my skins so dry and flaky(especially around my mouth and chin) so i decided to stop using it. After that 2 months my skin started getting new acne so I use the regimen again but it doesn't work like i did before. So, I'm just wondering it is because the BP is about to expire or my skins go against the regimen?

I also wanna know if you guys feel irritated when applying the moisturizer after BP. If you do what product do you change to?

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So was your BP expired when you were using it, or just within the month?
Be sure you're staying hydrated, it helps with dryness, and maybe find a heavier moisturizer to mix in with the org moisturizer - I find that can help when feeling quite dry/flaky. It's also key to gently rub in the moisturizer.

How long have you been on your 2nd time with the regimen? if you're feeling too irritated with the BP application, take it slow and gradual, it takes time for your skin to adjust.

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Better use topical moisturizers on a regular basis as it can help keep your skin as moist as you want it. Avoid caffeine, smoking, alcohol and be sure to drink plenty of water.

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i noticed awhile back my aha was about to expire and wasnt working like usual. when i ordered and started the new bottle it was back to normal. this could be the issue to consider.

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You may only need a more emollient moisturizer. I recommend paula's choice moisture boost and skin recovery.

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