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I've been on the regimen for about 3 months now. My acne is better, I'm still not completely clear on my chin and lower cheek area, however my forehead is clear. I am SO INCREDIBLY DRY STILL. I load on moisturizer, i've used the AHA and I'm STILL flaking. I thought I could deal with it but it is seriously annoying now. I'm wondering if my acne still isn't gone because my skin is so dry? Or I'm wondering if I should only use the BP once a day instead of twice? Anyone?

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Have you tried mixing a little jojoba oil with the moisturizer? Works great for dry skin!

They recommend sticking with the Reg as outlined until completely clear before experimenting with reducing the treatment dosage to suit your skin, but if dryness is really unbearable, you could try doing only once a day. But just a warning, you may not stay as clear as you would on twice a day but if you can live with a little acne then that can work.

But I'd try the jojoba oil first, see if that helps.

Good luck! :)

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It seems that you need a more emollient moisturizer. Take a look at paula's choice moisture boost and skin recovery moisturizers and toners. Thay also make a mixture of non fragrant plant oils called oil booster which can be great for dry skin.

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i have the same problem. My forehead feels smooth when washing it and it's also clearing up a bit but my chin still looks bad, it's the most sensitive area of my face and is often red and super flaky because of the regimen. No matter what Moisturizer i use the flakiness won't fade. I'll try some Jojoba creme now let's hope for the better.

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