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I've been on the regimen since March, and had success with my acne, but I've always had terrible flaking. In July I moved down to Bp only at night, as Dans aha wasn't helping with the dryness. I haven't had any problems with dryness since then, but as a result I break out pretty badly even in minimal sun exposure, or when I don't wear sunscreen on a cloudy day. Sunscreen only lasts for 2 hours and often I don't have the chance to reapply before doing something. Why am I so prone to breakouts in the sun when I moved down to Bp only at night? I also completely cut out dans aha recently as I read that that can make you more sensitive to sun exposure, but I haven't seen any improvements. This is my regimen:

Morning - cleanser, then olay all day spf 15 moisturizer on T area of face, and neutrogena clear skin spf 30 on the rest of face

Night - cleabser, dans Bp, dans moisturizer

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It could be because you stopped doing the Reg during the day...they recommend doing the Reg twice a day or whatever you need to stay clear. Maybe consider going back to doing twice a day until you clear up again and then experiment until you find the right dosage to keep you clear but also keep skin in balance.

Adding a few drops of jojoba oil to the moisturizer may also help with dryness.

Consider also getting a wide-brimmed hat if you are spending a lot of time out in the sun!

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