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Smoothie Ideas?

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My roommate got this magic bullet blender thing from her mother i believe as "complimentary award" for working at some company.

First it was kinda of a joke, but now we use this thing regularly. More so since i have gotten the hang of "moderation" with different fruits-alittle blueberries goes along way as far as taste is concerned!

So far my favorite accidental concoction is: black berries, raspberries, and a hint of pineapple junks. I meant to use strawberries, but i like this better.

I will do this x4 a week and the benefits speak for them self. Energy, alertness, attitude and mood improvement, i do not seem to experience a caffeine withdrawal headache as often. Skin wise i can say it has definitely helped maintain clarity.

I am looking for other ideas. It took me about 2 months of on and off trying to get it right. I use to use almond milk, but now just filtered water. I also use froze fruit because its cheaper and doesn't spoil as fast. Fresh fruit is sooo expensive here. You have to buy bulk, but i can't use it all before it goes bad most of the time.

What have you tried?

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Hey! Thanks for sharing your smoothie tactics.

I love my little personal GNC blender thingy. I also use frozen fruit for the cost and practicality. Plus it stays nice and cold.

Some vegetables that work pretty well in smoothies are carrots and spinach. They both have pretty neutral-to-sweet flavors that work with fruit and add fiber without too much sugar. You can also add nut butters to add protein. Raw nut butters have really mild flavors. I like to throw in a little raw ginger for a refreshing flavor or when I have a belly ache.

For a dessert splurge I like to make a chocolate berry smoothie. I use any combination of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries... along with almond milk, a little honey or some dates, and a big tablespoon of cocoa powder. Mmmm I might make one right now...

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Strawberries and kiwi are the best it is very delicious and healthy. You will need frozen strawberries and one kiwi in making this smoothie. You can also add ice cubes or iced water to make your smoothies cold. It is also best with some milk or yogurt.

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