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Want To Grow A Bit Of Facial Hair To Hide Acne

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So yeah as the title says, I want to grow my facial hair a bit. I have mild acne, I'm 20 years old and have pretty thin facial hair which does a reasonable job of hiding some of my redness around my chin which is the only place I actually get breakouts.

I'm not talking about a full on beard (I can't grow it that much anyway :P), just a little grown out and untamed

When I do shave, its with an electric razor and has always been

I have a few questions

- Will it effect the absorption of topical medications? I just started epiduo today and I have previously used 5% BP which I applied onto areas with facial hair before, it seemed to be ok but I'm really not sure

- Is it bad for the skin/ie does it make pores clog easier

Any help/insight would be appreciated :)

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As far as growing a beard with acne... My skin always looks great when I grow facial hair out. I think it's because I don't irritate it with shaving and the benzoyl peroxide is able to absorb Into the hair and protect the skin better. (That might sound crazy) but that is just my experience. I don't like the way I look with facial hair though so it's a love hate relationship haha. With thin facial hair though... Sometimes it actually doesn't cover up as well as you think. I remember when I was 17 and tried to do the same thing by growing out my thin facial hair thinking it would be masking the redness and blemishes but in reality it almost makes it stand out. That's just my experience though.

Oh and the benzoyl peroxide will give your facial hair a tint of

Orange to it..

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