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Has Anyone Here Cured Their Acne With Probiotics + Fermented Foods

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Sauerkraut gave my terrible bloating and acne over the summer and it literally tormented me for a week. Found out It's a fodmap and a cruciferous vegetable which i can't tolerate.

Kefir made me breakout because it's dairy and I can't tolerate dairy right now.

So no.

But I did start taking these probiotics " Biokult" which were recommended from the book I am using called Quit Acne. Hopefully it works, but so far I'm still breaking out from dietary reasons.

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Try looking into Soil Based Probiotics or Native Bacteria. I've been told that the lacto- bacteria that we use in Probiotics and yogurt help us digest dairy products but thats where the list ends. Some people believe that we have coexisted for millions of years with thousands of strains of bacteria and that broad spectrum antibiotics can reduce the diversity of our gut flora. Certain strains of beneficial bacteria (not found in Kefir or Greek Yogurt or grocery store probiotics) actually produce Vitamin K, some B Vitamins, and a brain nutrient called Butyrate! Primal Defense by Garden of Life has some soil based organisms but still contains most traditional probiotics strains. Prescript Assist is a more expensive kind you can buy online which has very rare strains. Please let me know if you find any other brands!

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