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Quitting Accutane ....need Advice

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Ok so here is my story in brief...32 year old...never had really bad acne or acne at all ...6 months ago stress induced and bad dermatologists....did topical treatments .....convinced Accutane was the cure...had a mental breakdown....but been taking the Accutane...think it has made symptoms worse...four months on...initial breakout was traumatizing too someone who never had cystic acne...scars..red marks..and still clogged pores and blackheads...want to quite and go natural..tired of medicine toxicity....have become agoraphobic..weight loss...anxiety ridden...hair loss severe....and I used to be a world traveler. My question is what can I take or do holistically now since im deciding to stop the Accutane? how long can I wait for facials or extractions...and im sure I need cleansing and hormonal balancing...

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You re so far into your course, I really think quitting now is not the best idea. The idea of natural products is very nice, but very few people have much success and you might make your situation worse. If you are 4 months in at 60 mg, you can't have that much more to go. I know it's frustrating, but it will be worth it. It is not unusual to not see improvement until around 4 months.

Try to hang in there. You can do this, and at the end you will be glad you did.

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Regardless of whether or not you stop accutane, try to improve your nutritional profile, especially in areas that accutane depletes - vitamin D, E, cysteine, methionine, B vitamins.

This will help your acne, and the side effects of the drug.

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I would suggest finding a naturopath that can build a program specific to YOUR needs. In regards to a facial regimen, once your skin is no longer sensitive then i think you could resume facials. It won't be a quick fix (think months/years instead of weeks) but i think overall it will help you.

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