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Need Help With Finding The Problem For Cystic Acne!

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Hello everyone,

I have been struggling with acne for almost 2 years now and am still on the road to clear skin. Day by day I try to eat more fruits and veggies and cut down on all the junk food.

I recently found out that PASTA causes me to break out!! I had it for lunch the other day and realize 2 zits appeared on my chin which later became white heads which is normal acne I guess. (Sounds gross sorry!!) But what I also realized was that my existing cystic acne became a little more inflamed than usual and so,e how got even more worse.

I need help in identifying the problem of this pasta situation and also what type of food it is. I am sad about my skin breaking out but on the positive side at least I know what is causing it now!! I want to avoid all foods like pasta and hopefully get better results, can't wait to see some responses!! It is struggle and it hurts me, but I always tell myself it will get better.

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Avoid all wheat products. Pasta, bread, cereal, pancakes, cookies, etc. Cystic acne is very often caused by a food sensitivity. Yours could be wheat. It isn't easy, I'll warn you. Wheat flour is often added to things like soup and sauces.

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My personal opinion is that it is probably not an "allergy" or "intolerance" to a food, but the insulin/glucose response from the refined carbohydrates + bad fats from cooking oil + dairy-based pasta sauce. I love pasta as well, but unless you're eating a very small portion of whole wheat mostly dry pasta with a teensy bit of marinara sauce, it just isn't all that healthy.

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