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Ever Been Traumatised By Ur Own Face

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tht feel when u finally make a decent pic of urself (tht u still dnt rly like) bt ur so eager to show it off on fb asap bt u know tht u fking cant bcs u know tht when u will go to other room u will suddenly look like rotting corpse with parasites infesting ur face nd just tht feel tht ur lying to ppl n all tht crap???

so many good shots wasted bcs of this shit also ><

fuking rollercoaster of feelings when u just dnt fuking know which is ur real looks bcs u look so drastically oppositely in diff times, its such a mental torment, ur practically dying one moment then suddenly u look good n u just dunno wtf to feel, its like u arent done being depressed yet bt shouldnt b either now

bt thing is im so fuking traumatised by now, good face just doesnt do it for me nymore, its enough to just remember THAT face or see a pic of it n u feel the poison taking over ur mind nd body again

its so fun to look 10 one moment n then like 100 other time? 8D just tht im done with it

ima bipolar hell

bt this time i feel like im going down for good

i rly just want to b normal person with stable face now

y wont redmarks n pores just go away???? y i dont grow out of acne just yet? 10 yrs

i deserve looking pretty after all those yrs so much!! it should b top priority than everything in life bcs ive fuking suffered more than jeesus christ fukkk!!! all those christans should donate money to me!!!

nd even when u get those moments its just no joy whtsoever bcs u know tht sicko face is still there n everythings just sucks even more now n just theres no life in anything..


i just feel like my minds decaying at a insanely rapid rate.

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You talk like you look like freddy krueger but the pics you post have human skin in them

relax and your skin will improve. acne doesn't pay rent to live on your face, don't let it move into your brain.

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I guess It's all about lighting and body/brain status, But I don't dare to look at my face under sunlight or if the lighting is remotely high because when i do the consequences are catastrophic I think about jumping off a cliff or something.

I don't get it because sometimes I can't notice scars/red spots maybe the reason is the really really faint lighting or after i wake up because the face is swollen but sometimes It's confusing it's the middle of the day I just came home and my face doesn't look as half bad as I think it is, At other times it does look bad so I dunno if my malicious mind is playing games or does the skin really get affected by some kind of mysterious conditions.

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you know those nights of nothing but picking nd scratching ur face? no?..ohh kkk..well u do tht n end up raw face looking sometimes...
btw is this could b y my face so blotchy n pigmentated now?
bt its nt just tht
i deff hv other probs as well its just nt for this forum.............
its like when god was blessing kids, when it was my turn instead he was just: take this!! and this and this, take that! and that and that!!! x'c
nd then he also has to make me addicted to aesthetics =T
i made a pic tht i rly rly liked n thought y i cant look like this all the time then today i look at it n wtf? i look like a pig there actually!! thanx god i didnt posted it..just whttt...
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when u fuking make a decentest pic u cn only ever make after all those difficult years tht u still feel crapy abt bt hell u finally had a moment u looked kinda close enough bt FUKING BAM u get nly somekinda lame coments or even hate coments n just something tht ud hate the most nd least expect???

idk i just feel ultimately crappy again, ugly as a shit nd thruthfuly idk y the fk i ws putting so FUCKING MUCH EFFORT in skincare nd everything nd tryin to medicate my shit disease etc for all those yrs wasted only to end up as a ugly ass even at my like best pic!!!

nd im so sick of skincare nd regimens i cant tell...USELESS AS A SHIT.

i jst wanna die so bad right now, so much effort nd absolutely no gain in the end...


i mean from all this usual uglyness i may hv developed twisted sense of whts pretty??? i cant even believe this bt i kind of cant grasp completely few things nymore it seems, like i cn look at my "good' pic thinking wow i look p good here y i cnt look ike this allways bt then after some time i look at it again nd i cant belive that i couldnt see it before!!! how ugly i actually looked there! uglyness hv wreked my sense!

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