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Okay well shit.

This is so bad . Suffering everyday every fuckin day.

Why me I can't even hang out with my friends anymore , they all look at me like I'm some type of discusting creature .

I can't function normally. And I'm literally not exaggerating . When I'm in line at the store I get all nervous and shaky and shit and people notice it.

It's just that everyone stares and shit I don't want people to look at me . Because this isn't me. I get nervous when I talk to people sometimes I can't look someone in the eye because I feel like they think I'm discusting . It's horrible

This is no way to live

I have horrible social anxiety

My face hurts 24/7

I don't want to live like this anymore. It's truly so full of pain . So full of shit and piss and just horrible absolutely horrible . Especially when everyone else has a normal face . Sometimes I get really close to having a nervous breakdown in public because I'm comparing myself to everyone and it's not fair I get so frustrated . I don't want to live like this any more.

Acne u have ruined so many lives .

So fucking many

My life is being ruined

I'm slowly detiriorating and sadly I haven't found a way out.

Acne is a skin condition that satan created.

That is a fact.

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I truly understand how u feel...its really messed up my life too....somehow I have to overcome this..but now even with the little scars its left..i feel like an outkast

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Why Me - that's the question we all ask. I don't have an answer and no one else will either. You just have to take it one step at a time, moment by moment and hold on to those things and people that make you happy. This may never go away so we must find a way to cope and have happy moments.

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Someone with cancer/parkinson/huntington or any other incurable disease would say the same thing, I know for a fact that there are uncountable number of questions out there without answers.

For examble we live on earth which is a tiny planet in a huge solar system, And our solar system is just a tiny bit of the enormous Milky way galaxy with up to 400 billion stars or even more and they say there are countless number of galaxies we have only discovered 200 billion of them so what I'm trying to say is there are far more important questions in this world that has no answer to than asking myself what is the significance in making me miserable like how would that benefit anyone or how could anyone say there is a wisdom behind my sufferance.

Does knowing that I feel exactly the same as you help ? I dunno but if it does you should know that i do. Everyday of my life is just a combination of feelings (Anxiety,Depression,Sadness,Sorrow) I feel the same way when I'm around people and i feel like I'm gonna burst into flames because I can't stand seeing their flawless skin or acne free skin and how some of them stare at me I just visualize what thoughts crosses their mind (Oh god how could he live with a face all screwed up like that pimples, Scars and inflammations everywhere) .... !!! When that happens i wish if i had the ability to vanish into thin air or how great of a thought if i never existed.

The only thing that keeps me going despite my depression and sufferance and how my face stings every goddamn minute is that sometimes out of nowhere I actually have a good feeling and some positivity I know it must have happened to you at some point where you just feel optimistic about the future even for 10 seconds, And when that happens i try to focus and find out what the hell does it take to maintain this sensation !!!!!

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