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The Regimen For A 13-Yr-Old?

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I've used the regimen in the past for adult acne and have been acne-free for about 4 years...Now my son has it! I know how important it is to follow the regimen to the letter, and how hard that can be sometimes. I also remember the drying and redness I experienced until my skin adjusted. Would anyone recommend this regimen for young teens? So far his acne isn't that bad (yet) and we've been treating with Stridex for about a year although it doesn't seem to be as effective and larger pimples are forming (about 3-4 at a time). So I've started thinking about the regimen for him. Any advice?

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We have users as young as 12 who use The Regimen. The biggest hurdle with the younger kids is getting them to follow it strictly. It really works best when it is used exactly as directed, but young kids sometimes just do not use it strictly as it should be used, thus don't see good results. Or their acne doesn't bother them as much as it does you, so they just do not put forth the effort with The Regimen. Ultimately, you know your child best. Does the acne bother him? Has he asked you for help with it? Is he a kid that can stick with a twice daily routine religiously? If so, then he would probably do quite well with The Regimen.

Hope that helps.

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No, it doesn't bother him (yet) but I do worry about down the road...I had horrific acne as a teen and it really impacted my self-confidence. That's why when I started noticing the acne, I immediately went out and got him the Stridex, and until recently it's done a pretty fair job of keeping his acne manageable. While it makes sense to "wait and see"...maybe his won't be as bad as mine...I also would hate to wait until he had severe acne, which I had by the time I was in 9th grade. (he's in 8th grade) So it will be a matter of knowing when the "right time" is...but you're absolutely right, he would have to be 100% committed and be disciplined enough to follow the regimen correctly. But good to know there are younger users, I wasn't sure.

BTW, I did pick up some 10% BP (couldn't find any 2.5%) for spot-treating the individual blemishes...I know it is way too harsh for daily use but do you think it would be effective and safe as a spot-treatment? Would you advise applying sunscreen over any areas exposed to BP?

It's been awhile...trying to get reeducated so I can advise Zack (my son).

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