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Will It Help With Clogged Pores And Blackheads? (Week 4 Updated)

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Hello there!

I've recently purchased a basic set of acne.org products.

Reading most of the topics, most users share positive review in general, and got rid of acne in months!

I'm so delighted, but at the same time worried. Thinking it might just works for inflamed pimples.

Because I barely see people saying this set of products cures clogged pores/comendones.


Im a male aged 21

I barely have acne, until i started using products on my face

I could get it healed by doing nothing, and have a nice living style.

But ever since I had used some products on my face, I've realised that I've developed quite an amount of blackheads on my cheeks, enlarged pores, tiny bump, and also clogged pores mainly.

Which as a result I could easily get some of them inflamed easily.

Question is:

1. Could clogged pores/blackheads on cheeks heals on it own? If so, how long would it take?

2. Have anyone used this set of products see improvement/cure something like my case?

3. I have been using 5% BP alone day and night with nothing else for nearly a month now, and it does nothing to my clogged pores, it could lower the risk of getting new pimple though, i'm just wondering if its the moisturise do the trick?

Sorry for my bad English,

Many thanks in advance for whoever leave a word!

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The Regimen works well for most cases of acne, which does include non-inflamed acne, when used as directed.

In my experience once acne gets started, doing "nothing" doesn't help at all. However, if yours started due to irritation or using an offending product discontinuing that product may be all you need to do. If not, The Regimen should help.

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Maybe you should list the products you're using.

If they're acne products with ingredients that will cause cell turnover they could be causing more dead skin to build up.

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Thank you for both of you answering my question!

mah i just wanted to clear those no-inflamed acne : (

I mean I could do nothing to heal my inflaming acne.

Yes I guess it's irritation, because i get inflamed acne from picking/ trying products.

it just that those non-inflamed i was worrying about.

I was using

Neutrogena deep clean blackheads eliminating daily scrub

Oxy 5% BP

Vaseline aloe fresh 100% moisturising

Twice a day, day and night.

But bizz,

Do you mean increased skin cell turnover rate cause blackheads/clogged pores?

I'm quite confused, because I heard that increased skin cell turnover rate is good for acne(for example Retin), and rather effective to unclog pores. But I wouldn't try it again though, because i've tried, it irritates me and causing breakouts. I knew some may say it's normal purging period, but i just can't take it, i would opt for another option to achieve the same goal.

Which is why i came with bp now.

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For whom has the same question, here's my update:

Have been using the Regime for almost a month.

Since 25 Sep up to this moment 22 Oct.

I would say it helped with clogged pores, but not all, yet.

It works in a way that pushing the stuff out onto the surface,

If the process is fast (depends on each individual), the clogged pore will become breakout within 2 weeks.

And it may heal slowly, left it bumped even not as red, and scar may linger for quite some weeks.

If it's slow, then it may take longer, like one of my clogged pore as I observe, has token me 4 weeks to breakout.

That's why some people say they are still breaking out even after week 3 or 4 I guess.

Still, one of the spot become blackhead while using the regime, and I don't see it will breakout itself in no time, so I squeezed it out and it is disgusting.

In general it helped in a way that

1.keep breaking the junk out, though each pore/pimple may have time difference.

2.lower the inflammation while doing so,

3.and prevent future acne from forming.(It does a good job here I could honestly say.)

As any acne sufferer, every time I saw a new pimple forming I'd get upset, but now I'm a little bit happy about it, because that means it's working. :)

My journal:

Week 1 No difference

Week 2 Drying, peeling, one or two clogged pore turned into pimple

Week 3 Very Dry and peeling, even 1 pump of moisturizer could only last 2 hours, then the peeling face will be shown, 3 to 5 deep breakout.

Week 4 Peeling is improved, and not as dry. Still have 1 or 2 breakout. 10+ scars linger.


One weird huge bump never gotten flatter nor smaller, it's not a forming pimple nor ordinary comedone,

it's like a bump with no head but with massive oil/dirt trapped inside. I'd squeeze a little bit each time while shower, but it's still very obvious.

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