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Extra Virgin Olive Oil = Ok | Regular Olive Oil = Horrible Breakouts

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Hi all. I am 23 yr old male, and I have been battling acne for about 10 years. My acne is 100% for sure caused by food. Unfortunately, it is caused by a lot of foods. I notice pimples forming about 1-3 hours after eating "bad foods", and pimples can last about 5-10 days unless I eat more "bad foods" in which case the current pimples usually get some more juice and stay around longer.

Anyway, this is an interesting thing I noticed. I always cook with extra virgin olive oil. I use it for dressings, baking, stir fry - everything. I know it's a healthier oil, but the real reason I use it is because literally every other oil (canola, vegetable, soy, rapeseed, palm, even coconut!) gives me very intense, painful breakouts.

I have noticed that even regular "olive oil" gives me breakouts. I have tried the refined "cooking olive oil", and that gives me super painful big whiteheads. Even today, I tried quinoa (normally one of my favorite "safe" foods) that was in a microwavable pouch. The ingredients: precooked quinoa, olive oil, salt. Sure enough, within 1 hour I had a new red spot where a pimple was forming, weakness all over, brain foggy headache, etc.

I have two theories:

1) The "olive oil" is not really olive oil (or just not only olive oil), and the other oils it is cut with are causing the reaction.

2) There is something very fundamentally different about extra virgin olive oil and regular olive oil. Perhaps refining it breaks it down more and allows it to get through a leaky gut or something?

Idk. I'm really desperate and need some answers. Given that this is happening to me, wtf is actually wrong with my body, and more importantly, how can I fix it?

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The quality can be a big factor. Most of the olive oil in a normal supermarket is a blend of low quality oils. Be especially wary of oils labeled as being from Italy. If you are in the U.S., look for Californian olive oils. I use Napa Valley Organics or California Olive ranch. Don't use for high heat cooking. And store in a cool dark place. Keep a small amount at room temp for daily use & the rest in the refrigerator. (it should turn solid in the fridge)

If you search, you can find a report from U.C. Davis into olive oil quality.

A good olive oil will be in a dark bottle or tin and will have it's acidity on the label and dates. California Olive Ranch was included in the U.C. Davis study. The Napa Valley wasn't but their bottling and labeling seem to indicate they care about the quality of their oil & customers.

Also, some have found their skin clears when they avoid all added fats, especially these oils in combination with avoiding high glycemic impacting foods/meal habits. There's a lengthy thread by a member that eats a lot of high fat foods like salmon, avocados and I think butter. But no added plant oils.

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