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30 Day Challenge - No Picking!

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DAY 1 - September 10, 2014

I went on a picking craze last night and this morning my face is spotted and looking worse than it did before I touched it. My birthday is Sept. 23 and I have family coming in to stay with me for a week to celebrate.<3 My goal was to have the clearest face possible And now I goofed. This won't ruin my birthday week but I have to stop doing this. I hate this habit! It seems like it would be so easy to stop but its not!! I was browsing Acne.org and saw that someone had challenged themselves not to pick their face for 30 days and it encouraged me to try. I hope keeping track and writing it down will help me make it through!

I am going to challenge myself to not pick my face starting today all the way till the 9th f October.

FYI I get most my acne around my mouth and cheeks. I have clogged prone skin and am using (as shown in my signature) products to help with this. My skin is trying to purge and I get little flesh bumps that turn into little zits. THIS is what I keep picking! I hate that rough little bumpy texture on my cheeks and mouth! But I have to tell myself its better than having noticeable red marks.


  • Spotted and red because I picked at little bumps that weren't noticeable in the first place.
  • No big bumps
  • No white heads
  • My skin texture is a little rough.
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DAY 2 - September 11, 2014

Ugh! Feels more like 3 days... have not picked my face. Yay me

I have some new acne in places I picked because I messed with my face in the first place.


  • My face is less red and spots are fading slightly.
  • 3 little bumps. Have not touched them at all.
  • Some blackheads.
  • Few whiteheads. Reeeaaally hard to leave them alone but I am.
  • Skin texture is still a little rough.
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DAY 3 - September 12, 2014

Still not touching my face...


  • Face looks much better overall.
  • Still some bumps.
  • Still some white heads.
  • Still some blackheads.
  • Skin texture is still rough.
  • My acne does not look really red and or irritated.

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