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Can Anyone Suggest Supplements For Extreme Anxiety And Insomnia

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My worsening acne is a chronic source of stress and anxiety for me. I have made great changes in terms of diet and exercise but it hasn't helped. I may be living with this for a long time so I need a way to cope with it so that I can go about my daily life in an enjoyable way until it resolves itself. Anyone have suggestions for supplments that help with extreme anxiety and insomnia?

Things i've tried:

fish oil


valarian root


chamamille tea



vitamin D

krill oil

cod liver oil

vitamin c

I've done cognitive behavior therapy and while i found it sort of useful, it wasn't long term. I'm currently doing accupuncture.

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I would continue using/doing most of those things you mentioned above. I have taken ‘emotional wellness' supplements by pure encapsulation as suggested by my naturopath. They are a bit pricey which is why I stopped taking them but they really helped. I'm probably going to start taking them again as I've been feeling pretty low lately.

But really anything you can do to keep your mind off your skin will only benefit you. I'm struggling with this ‘obsession‘ as well but I'm taking it day by day. Its OK to have bad days. Allow yourself to feel sad, angry, depressed but don't let it define your entire existence. Let it flow through you so your body isn't holding on to the stress, make peace with it a million times over if you have to. Hope this helps in anyway.

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Around 1g - 1.5g of Niacinamide per day (spread out as much as possible) may help anxiety, insomnia AND acne!! Research it a bit and who knows, it could be your answer. Good luck! :)

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There are sleep and stress aids on Active Herb that have helped me immensely (NeuroSoothe, EaseTonic, HeartVigor.) And high doses of St John's Wort for depression.

The nootropics GABA (which I can speak for, for anxiety) and SAM-e,... The homeopathic aisle at Whole Foods or Wild Oats has a ton of homeopathic blends and flower essences (ie Boiron and Dr Bach.) L-theanine, too.

I can't say any of these knocked me out like Benadryl, which was inconsistent. I keep medical mj on hand for really rough times.

Around 1g - 1.5g of Niacinamide per day (spread out as much as possible) may help anxiety, insomnia AND acne!! Research it a bit and who knows, it could be your answer. Good luck! smile.png

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Do as much as you can each day outside in nature. talk a walk among trees or work in a garden in contact with soil.

Limit artificial light at night, especially blue spectrum as in LED displays, then go to bed by 10 or 11. Get apps for PC & tablets that shift the spectrum towards the red end around sunset You can get amber safety glasses for TV.

There are apps with sounds that stimulate brainwaves for sleep. Like one called Relax Music for iPad/Iphone.

Get your omega 3 EFAs and keep blood sugar stable.

Tea (green or black) in the morning to boost GABA) and chamomile (or sleepytime blends) at night.

Also take a magnesium supplement in the evening. (chelate or citrate, not oxide)

Do things that boost feel good neurotransmitters such as laughter, hugs, dance, etc.

Increase adaptogenic herbs/ spices: Ginsing, licorice root.

Breathe deeply inhaling through the nose to increase nitric oxide in the blood and lower blood pressure.


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