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Shaving Face For Females

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Hi guys,

i have a really important question does shaving your peach fuzz with a single blade razor causes acne?

i did it once and everyting was great but after a mounth (i guess when the peach fuzz started to regrow) i had two huge cystic acne.now im not sure whether those two gigantic pimples had to do something with shaving my face because i was constantly breaking out at that time so i dont know but i have doubts.My theory behind is that those peach fuzz in our face help to release excess oil so when i shaved them oil trapped in?Maybe?Does it make sense?Here are some links regarding the matter.

Please help me because i remember that when i shaved my face my makeup looked sooo good ans smooth

thank you

ohh and by the way i have learned that the proffesional name for shaving your face is "dermaplanning"

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Good topic- I think there is a shaving subforum somewhere here with more info. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/forum/65-shaving/

I shave a few little hairs on my chin daily that are slightly more coarse than the rest of my face hair, which is vellus hair, and my upper lip just because I don't want any hair there, fine and blonde or otherwise.

A few times, I've shaved my whole face and it's broken me out! You're creating a blunt hair shaft when you shave, which can irritate the follices, and unless you boil your razor or soak it in isopropyl, shaving can introduce foreign matter/bacteria.

At the same time, it's a cheap, fast way to daily shed dead skin and stimulate collagen!

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I have always wanted to try this since I heard it helps your makeup apply on more smoother and look more "flawless" but I wouldn't want to irritate any active breakouts I have or pop them and cause scarring :/ But I would imagine that it could cause you to break out if you dont cleanse and exfoliate before.... also if you dont use a toner and moisturizer afterwards

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i use a trimmer that they make for women to do my face ever few weeks and i dont break out if i wash the trimmer after every time i use it and then i make sure to wash my face again and use a toner afterwards as well.

i've had dermaplaning done and it does make the skin so darn smooth and it exfoliates very well too.

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I use a depilatory cream like the Sally Hansen one from Walmart.. I don't break out from it and it leaves my skin really smooth. I don't leave it on long or my skin will get very irritated.

You may have had ingrown hairs that caused bumps.. Not sure if it's that just a guess..

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You're not the only hairy one out there, misshopeful!!

I've thought about this. I might do it, but only on my upper lip. and maybe my chin. Waxing doesn't work well when I have acne near the corners of my mouth, where my ladystache is darkest. =P Right now I've just been tweezing the corners and hoping no one notices. =)

But I kind of like my peach fuzz on my cheeks and earlobes. It's always been there since I was small. ^_^

I would make sure that the razor is sterile and that you apply a toner & moisturizer afterwards.

(You're not the only hairy one out there. Getting teased by the popular girls about my hairy legs in the 4th grade makes me wonder about the cruelty imposed upon us by our mothers - those girls shaved their legs cause their mothers told them to. My mom wouldn't let me shave until I broke my leg in the 7th grade, and post-cast, there really wasn't an option not to. Eww. And I was once told I should shave my arms. Hah!)

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