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Hydrating Skin "flakes" While Still Treating Acne/oily Skin?

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I'm 22 and I have oily skin. My journey with acne and acne treatments began when I was 7 years old. I actually don't have hormonal acne anymore (thanks, spiro!) but I have a lot of deep, closed comedones all over my face with a few inflamed pimples cropping up each week. All in all, I've come a long way from the cystic, volcanic skin I had 2-3 years ago.

A few days ago, I asked about how to remove closed comedones in the Oily Skin forum, and a commenter mentioned salicylic acid. I used BHAs in my earlier acne days, but after discovering retinoids and spironolactone, I stopped using salicylic acid altogether/found it needless.

Anyway, I got a salicylic acid toner (Neutrogena's Clear Pore, 2%) and began using it 3 days ago, after I cleanse and before I moisturize. My closed comedones are mostly in the hard-to-reach lines from the nose corners to the mouth corners (the nasolabial folds), but now that skin is horribly flaky and I have inflamed acne all over my chin. I was basically clear 3 days ago!

I want to know how to make the peeling/flakes subside while still keeping up with further acne prevention -- that is, I want suggestions other than "just moisturize your skin and do nothing else to it for X number of days".

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