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Positive Message For All Of You!

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I don't know how old are you or how long you have been fighting acne but please do never ever let this define you. I have lost the best moments of my life locked up in my room fearing people's judgements. Truth is : people are going to look at your acne and they might say something out loud which will make you feel down, but in the end it doesn't matter. Stand for youreslf, you're not your skin, it's just a part of your apparence. You have so many other important things about you and a lot of people in your life will be able to see past it and appreciate the little things in you, do not beatyourself up and do not punish yourself by giving up on happiness. It's hard I absolutely understand, but you're worth so much happiness and love. One day you'll get rid of acne, you'll feel better about yourself, but you'll regret all the days you've spent alone.

If you're a girl and wearing makeup makes you feel better about yourself, go and do it and don't let anybody tell you that you shouldn't wear that much makeup or that it's 'fake' ( i had people tell me that ) you do your thing and AT THE END OF THE DAY ITS ABOUT how YOU feel. If you're a boy and you suffer with acne, I can tell you ( along with all my friends) that it doesn't matter. At no point in my life I ever thought that a guy was less attractive because he has acne EVERY GIRL I KNOW including me litteraly don't care, you have things about that will ALWAYS and forever be hot.

It's just a skin kids. One day all of ours skins will be all wrinkly and stuff. Please live your life, do what you want, make this journey worthwhile, love yourself love people and remember how amazing you are. You're a strong beautiful person. I am here for you!

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I agree with you in many ways.

I didn't go to school, didn't go to parties and didn't socialize! Now when I have got rid of my acne, I regret it so much...

Have a nice day =)

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