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Help Me Identify These Deep, Painless Cysts?

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Hi there,

I have these deep, small, white "cysts" in my smile lines (the fold from the edge of the nose to the edge of the mouth) on both sides of my face. I can only see them when I stretch my skin - see the awkward photo attached. I have had these same lumps since I was 17 and I'm almost 23 now. They are completely painless.

I have a dermatologist and I asked him to look at them, but I don't think he was really able to see them. Sometimes when I squeeze them, stringy, dense pus emerges, but usually nothing happens. I only have them in my smile lines.

Like I said, I'm 22 years old, and I've been on spironolactone and Retin-A Micro gel for 2 years now. I take zinc chelate twice a day and wash my skin with non-comedogenic foaming washes (I check all ingredients). I use a non-comedogenic foundation as well. My acne has gone from severe/cystic to very mild -- I am scarred, but my skin is mostly under control. Also, not sure if it matters, but I am a vegan of 8 years.

I am asking you all because I can seem to Google these bumps successfully. post-419533-0-11579300-1409341313_thumb.post-419533-0-11579300-1409341313_thumb.


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The pics are very blurry- I can't make out the borders of your face let alone lines or acne.

Google image search "closed comedones" - like that?

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Those are closed comedones,their "head" hides under the skin. When they surface,they become the so called blackheads (open comedones,).

They are pretty stubborn,and some of them can be really deep into the skin.

They simply are pores clogged because of sebum excess (abnormal oily skin),dirt or comedogenic makeup. If u ever tried to squeeze them,you noticed that a lot of junk came out. If u never have done it,don't try. Extractions have to be done by a professional.

Somewhere here in the forums i've read that this form of acne is the more stubborn one. Personally,i'm a sufferer of closed comedones,so i completely agree with that statement.They made me go into Accutane (imagine having +300 all around your face).

Closed comedones usually surface,become a blackhead and dry out,or they become an infected pimple. Unfortunately the last option was the path my face decided to follow.

But,since you have only 2 or 3,you can try using BHA products or having them extracted by a esthetician. Also always remember that,if u use make up,to use products that are not comedogenic (doesn't block pores)

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Cortisone shots from your derm usually clears these up. Take in the picture next time so your derm will "believe" that they are there.

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