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Hi there!

I do not have acne at this moment anymore..after over 13+ years of fighting I was able to get rid of it after 2 courses of Accutane( hopefully for good!!! ). I usually stop by at this forum to read about skin routines and solutions for scars, I have some rolling scars.

I remember how tough it was for me to keep it all inside, and I could not talk about my feelings to anyone around me.

Please, message me if you would like to vent, or feel a need to talk to someone in particular who understands what you are going through!

I will try to reply as fast as I am able to.

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Commenting just to bring the thread up so it easier to find this thread for those who need it!

Do not feel bad about venting to me, or thinking I get LOTS of messages. I have many sleepless nights and 24/7 access to the internet, so we are fine. haha

Hope you guys had a great weekend. <3

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Hey there! :) I really need to vent somewhere my feelings because I'll explode otherwise. So I'll write it all here.... my history with acne started 5 years ago when I was finishing high school. Before that I had normal teenage skin,pimple here & there, nothing severe. But just before I turned 18 my skin went crazy and all of a sudden my face was covered in acne. By the start of university after the summer,I was breaking out so bad. My face was full of both little white heads and huge red and inflamed cysts. And then my battle began... I tried every cream,treatment or medicine. The only thing that is left now that I didnt taken is accutane... but I'm strongly thinking about trying it out. After 5 years of fighting with acne it has seriously affected me and I'm sure it has in many ways changed my life for the worse. I've become depressed and totally introverted person. I've lost many friends and opportunities due to acne. I have no experience with boys,gave never had a boyfriend because I have put up wall around me that no one can cross. Even though some guys liked me I always push them away from me because I cant imagine that someone could love me or be with me when there are hundreds other girls with beautiful skin. As much as that sounds superficial I just cant imagine that someone would ever wanted to be with me... now that I'm 23 I'm often thinking what if I'll have acbe forever? What if I'll stay alone forever because of it? Sometimes I feel like acne ruined my life and there is no hope left. Most days I dont feel like doing anything or be around people. I'm happiest when I'm alone home watching tv but on the other hand sometimes I feel like the lonliest person in the world because I tend to isolate myself from everyone. My acne now is much better tgen ut was,but it is still here and there are a lot of scars. After 5 years of fighting I'm just tired of everything. I'm tired of hiding my face, avoiding eye contact, crying all night, avoiding mirrorrs and hating my face. I'm tired if living this sad depressed life because this is not me, I know that is not who I really am. Its like I almost feel guilty If I'm happy for a moment because then I remember stupid acne, see myself in a mirror or hear someones comment. I just really needed somewhere to vent... this all doesnt really make sense but it would make me very happy if someone relates to what I'm trying to say... it just hard fighting with yourself every single day of your life,trying to convince yourself that everything is fine and no one even noticies your face when you know it is not true. I wish I could have a normal skin even for a day only to see how it feels to wake up and look at yourself in a mirror and be happy with what you see ....

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Thanks so much for this post! Although it feels weird to vent to a Stanger I have nobody who understands. My entire family has clear skin without trying and my boyfriend does too. None of my friends have acne like I do and I'm 22. I was told repeatedly that it would clear up with time or if I used certain products but it hasn't. I'm new to a new organization and am considering using the products but haven't yet.

My biggest problem is that nobody gets it. My mom will make comments on how my skin is looking. If I'm having a good week or day she'll say that I'm finally getting better bit then it'll flare up again and she'll comment that I need to try a different product. She doesn't get that it hurts to constantly have my face judged whenever I see her. It's gotten to the point where I only go in public if I've used enough concealer and foundation to look decent. I never feel pretty just like I'm okay today.

In fact the acne has made me negatively see every part of myself some days. I have horrible self esteem because of it and it's even made me gain weight. I'm a stress eater and when I have a break out or someone mentions my acne at all I immediately reach for the food.

The only thing that helps is my boyfriend. He's been amazing and we've been together for 5 years. He has never mentioned my acne or suggested a treatment. He's made me feel comfortable enough with him to not wear makeup and when I'm with him I don't think about it. But he doesn't have this problem so I can't talk to him about it. He wouldn't understand.

That's why I'm so glad you made this post and thank you again. I'm sorry to have to dump my issues with you but it's nice to have someone to talk to.

Thanks :)

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