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Exfoliations Actually Ages Me?lol

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I have sensitive and when I decide to exfoliate since it's recommended I use rag and lightly scrub face until all the flakes and dead skin are gone but then my face gets really oily looking and wrinkly for about 3 days then I look young again but I don't get what's the problem shouldn't exfoliating make you look younger?

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Don't exfoliate by scrubbing, that's just irritating your skin, in turn causing acne breakouts. If you want to exfoliate I recommend doing it chemically. I use acne.org AHA+ to exfoliate and it works great. If you are on the regimen which I assume you are since you posted this in the regimen forum, next time you place an order for your products order the 6oz AHA and you'll be a happy camper.

Also a lot of people say that using BP ages them, which is a good sign you are not moisturizing properly. It's probably not the exfoliating that is giving you that look, it's probably the BP and your skin is overly dry.

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hey britney ,

hello .

if the exfoliatons can make u r skin worst than before so stop doing it because it can destroy the skin tissues very harmly u can use other midicaments like parrafin bye>

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