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Neutrogena On The Spot For The Regimen

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Started the regimen almost a month ago with minor tweaks to help (use a gentle scrub like once or twice a week) and my skin has gotten better. I got of birth control pills and my skin went a little nuts (I am now taking vitex and probiotics for less than a month which seems to have helped as well),. Right now I am having a bit of a pre period breakout, not great but not terrible.

I have been using dan's bp and it is gentle and glides easily on skin, and love using it at night becasue afterwards I use the AHA+ mixed in with my cerave moisturizer and it doesn't really burn or sting too much, BUT in the day time using Dan's BP I am soooo OILY! I used to use neutrogena on the spot bp but not as specified in dan's regimen and it used to make me matte, which i loved, but dan's does not help with that. I don't wear much makeup, just concealer on my spots, so I need something to make me matte. It is embarrasing because people I know are asking me why I'm so oily all the sudden, and not looking as matte/nice of skin as usual, and they don't mean the acne because I don't have a ton, they mean the oiliness!

Has anyone used Neutrogena on the spot BP for the regimen and has it worked alright for them? I want to use this in the morning and dan's bp at night, as I don't care if I'm a bit more oily when I sleep lol. But I need neutrogena on the spot in the day, I just don't want my acne to get worse. LIke I said I've used NOTS in the past with good results before starting birth control, but after getting off my hormones needed more and it didn't seem to cut it. Maybe now it would be just fine? PLEASE HELP! I need answers if NOTS will get the job done during the day!

I should note that I am naturally very oily and always have been, it calmed down in my twenties, but post birth control I am very oily, and it is august in PA so I am even more oily. I am hoping it calms down in a few months, but I still have always been a bit oily no matter what, hence NOTS working for that.

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Neutrogena on-the-spot does have oil absorbers in it, so that is why you notice your skin more matte. It will work for The Regimen if you use it according to Dan's instructions. The biggest drawback to it is its small size and it can be pricey buying those tiny tubes all the time, but if it works better for you to use it during the day and our gel at night, do what works best. For more tips on managing oily skin please go here: http://www.acne.org/faq.html#oily

Hope that helps!

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Thanks! That makes me feel better knowing I'm covered for the daytime in terms of oiliness and BP treatment for acne as well. I was worried about backsliding on progress I have made.

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